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Almost a complete overhaul of vanilla. FINAL version. Read long description for details.

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Finally it's over!
Sorry it took so long for those who waited.

This is the FINAL version and marks my retirement.
From modding and gaming as a whole I think.
I threw in some other stuff, much of wich came about as I made this mod.
Made for my own enjoyment, but try it if you like.
I shall expound upon the obvious and not so obvious contents herein, although it gets longwinded.
You WILL read it though! :D
Cause it took forever to compile.

V3 Main Mod
The obvious part.

Classic Landmines & Explosives Mod
Contains sounds, an edited mesh and edited textures.
It basically turns fragmines(only) into landmines instead of proximity mines.
You have to actually step on it now, but if you hear a click, don't just stand there
thinking "what was that sound" - Run! If you don't, you won't be able to -
ever again - cause your legs will be gone. :p
Of course, in the wastes they have the Magicka known as Stimpacks.
Started as a sound project, but new textures were necessary to remove the light.
Also a new mesh was required to disable the highly appropriate "Green Glow".
Other explosions and parameters are modified as well.

Fatman MiniNuke: Radius 616 => 700
Frag grenade: Increased damage and blast radius. (try setting Knock Down to "Always" for flying foes) great fun. :D
Nuka Grenade: Increased Radiation enough to cause minor radiation poisoning if the full amount is suffered.
FusionCarExplosion: Increased Radiation, Increased Radius for damage and radiation. Knock Down By Formula.
Pulse Mine/Grenade: Radius 450 => 600
Gas Trap Fire: Damage per Sec. 6 => 10

Geiger Counter (Not working!)
For some reason sounds refuse to play ingame.
Probably sounds annoying anyway.
Included it because, ...err.

Menu Sounds Match PipBoy Sounds
Quite obvious also. I didn't include it as default, beacuse it's mainly appropriate for the Main Menu
and perhaps not so much for the other menus. You decide.

Still Sneaking
3 guesses, winner gets a year's supply of quantum.

Weapon Sounds - Alternatives
Only 2 guesses, but you get your own mutated brahmin. Got milk ?

Green Green Grass of Home
A grass mod meant for those who wish to keep the wasteland close to vanilla.
2 versions - choose Recovering Wasteland for the least impact and best result imo.
It's a texture mod so no esp.

Player Adjustments
Very tiny mod, changes only a few basics.
Carryweight adjusted to make strength the main factor. BaseCarryWeight decreased to balance.
Increased run speed with weapon holstered.
Underwater hold breath increased: 10 => 30 sec.

Weapon Behaviour Modifications
Something I made when I couldn't bear to play-test anymore.
Radically changes a great many things.
It did enable me to continue playing, so it can't be all bad.

Key features:

- No Bullet Tracers.
- Faster Bullets and Beams.
- Much longer Ranges.
- New Minimum Ranges to stop AI charging, without bayonets.
- Lethal Damage.
- Complete remake of all Ranged Weapons.
- Pistols a viable option - even the 10mm and .32 Caliber.
- AK47-like Chinese Assault Rifle.
- Individual weapon behaviour is far more destinct.
- AI with missile launchers no longer has infinite ammo.
- Use your flamer to create human torches running around.


Much improved ranged combat, as AI no longer rushes in your face due to new minimum ranges.
More intense combat due to more life-like damage even for low-end weapons.


AI weapons and armor condition is much lower than player.
So I made another version wich lowers the Player Health Multipliers,
as a quick way to balance this somewhat.
The proper way would be to edit all the NPC lists and give them better quality gear.
At least for the Early-to-Mid part of the game - probably not the later enclave part.
Or you could try NOT wearing the Ranger Armor :D or Power.
If you're with the Barbie crowd :D here's your chance to show off your pwetty wittle dwess. :p
Sorry :D but I just couldn't hold that back any longer.
No really, is there some estrogen invasion I should be aware of,
or did an entire generation of men start playing Dress Up Barbie, while I went to the bathroom?
Or was that college ? I know it had stalls.

END of Rant !

Sounds Good V3 FINAL
- Structure Rattle :
Annoying and constantly playing in Megaton "My House".
Also used in various other locations.
I made some much more pleasant breezes, wich work great in all the locations I managed to test
and doesn't make you gnash your teeth.

- Rivet City Fan Rattle :
Another really annoying sound. Looping and looping and looping and.........drove me nuts!
Took some snippets from some haunting cave like sounds,
patched them together then slowed it to a crawling halt and did some touch-up to produce a seamless loop.
Matches the other Rivet City loop much better now and actually sounds like you're going deeper down the ship.

- Power Armor :
A bit more Stomp! (Not! MechWarrior coming through) :D don't worry.

- Wood Land :
Whenever I would jump over a chair or table, there were this "out of proportion" woody sound,
like I was falling off a cliff and landing on a wooden plank.
Changed to a more appropriate tinny sound. :p

- Sneaking :
I've included some lower volume sneaky footsteps (not installed by default).

- Bullet Impact Flesh :
It says "flesh" but is used for armor as well, from Vault Suit to Power Armor.
Hope these fit all :D they're on the leather/kevlar side.

- Explosions (frag grenade/mine and missile) :
Hard to do both fragmentation and missile impact with the same sounds.
Increased number of 3D sounds for greater variety (hopefully).

- Explosions (Fusioncar / MiniNuke) :
:D Keep a spare set of pants handy!

- Gooification :
Just some sound I made - it's a change at least.

- Laser Beam (Pass By) :
Very happy with this project - adds a lot of atmosphere to laser fights, particularly at night.
You should get the mod for this alone. Honestly.
Hopefully you won't regret it.

- Laser Beam (Impact) :
Being so pleased with the Pass By beams, it seemed fitting to do these too.
A bit more Sparky!

- Plasma Impact :
Very minor change.

- Pistol/Rifle Up :
Used in conjunction with equip/change weapon.
Sounded a bit too clumsy/violent.
Changed to work better in conjunction with the new equip sounds.

- Level Up sound :
New sounds for both Level Up & Level Up Notification.
Made to work seamlessly in conjunction too.

- Main Title / Menu music :
A classic tune from Fallout 2.

- Dog :
A new bark and two new growls - quite menacing.

- Human :
Two Rad-X sounds and a great stimpack sound.

- Mr. Handy :
Noisy and constantly buzzing around.
Silenced his "Idle" sound and lowered movement sound.
Used by other handybots so I kept it at a level, that would work for them.
If "he" still drives you up the wall - make a copy of the Idle sound and rename it to the movement sound,
then move and overwrite that to the movement directory.

- Turrets :
New Idle-Loop and Movement-Loop.

- Computer Terminals :
Installed silent fans.

- Stealthboy :
New cloaking sound. De-cloaking same as Chems wear off.

- Hacking (Fan loop) :
Upgraded to water cooling.

- Health (Heartbeat) :
Not nearly as loud as vanilla.

- Health (Chems wear off) :
Intended to fit the stealthboy primarily - since I don't do chems :D never did in the original Fallout either.

- Items : (gunsmall_up)
Just some inventory sound.

- Menu Focus :
Silenced the constant Hover Clicking.

- PipBoy :
A brand new digital theme for your PipBoy3000.
And the Humming Loop has been silenced.

- (PopUp) Experience Up (Cash register) :

- (PopUp) Message Window BLEEP (Enemy Crippled etc.) :

- (PopUp) LevelUp BLEEP

- Repair Weapon :
Now with a few armor appropriate additions (chosen at random though).

- V.A.T.S. :
New sounds to match your PipBoy.
Enter, Exit, Move, Select Target & Select Targetpart.
"Ready/activate" has been silenced.

- Fatman :
As mentioned, a new MiniNuke explosion.

- Flamer :
Changed the Idle HiSSsssss Migrane Loop :D

- Frag Grenades :
As mentioned, new explosions.

- Minigun :
Sounds awesome when the mutie master lays down a rain of fire. ;)
(Plus 4 other variations included)

- Pistol22 (SMG) :
Hard to please everyone with this one.
Personally I love the AI(3D) fire of this version.
(Several versions included)

- Pistol32 (.32 Caliber) :
I don't use this weapon really, kind of useless in vanilla, but it sounds great as AI fire.

- Magnum :
Sounds so good in V.A.T.S. like a Super-Slow-Motion shot,
that I actually made myself a gunslinger character.

- Pistol 10mm :
A very "firm" non-explosive sound, in keeping with the style laid out by vanilla.

- Pistol 10mm Silenced :
What to say.....it's quite.

- Pistol Laser :
A very good laser sound - doesn't have the explosive BOOM of vanilla lasers.

- Pistol Mauser (Chinese Pistol) :
Great sound in both 2D and 3D - fits the model nicely too.

- Pistol Plasma :
Used the Plasma Rifle sound from version 1.2 as T 90 requested.
And modified the "kick" ever so slightly.

- Rifle Assault (Chinese) :
Now I know I can't please everyone here, 4 opinions for every 3 people with this one.
But if you use this one in combination with the weapons mod I included,
it will come pretty close to an AK. :D

- Rifle Assault (Regular/US) :
M1 Carbine (from Tiber Septim's WWII modders resource).
Slightly trimmed and adjusted.

- Rifle Hunting :
Lovely Kick.

- Rifle Laser :
Nigh perfect, has a bit more explosive kick than the pistol, but still not like vanilla lasers.

- Rifle Lincoln :
Very firm and much louder than vanilla.

- Rifle Plasma :
A Genuine™ Plasma Rifle :D or rather, a Disrupter. A Varon T prototype perchance? :D
Can make your ears bleed in V.A.T.S. a whole new level of gaming! Headphones beware.

- Rifle Railway :
Packs a punch AND a swoosh!

- Rifle Sniper :
Hard to time this one with the vanilla animations - so called.
Very hard kick.

- Ripper :
Tried to make it sound like it was revving up and still have it loop.

- Shotgun Combat :
A mighty Bang!
I played CS a lot - so any soft pump-action shotgun sound,
reminds me too much of CS :D so it's a mighty bang!

Weapon Reloads etc.
- Fatman (Reload) :
Cleaned up. Annoying DING! removed.

- Gatling Laser (Reload) :
If you play at extreme volume levels, this will actually make YOU vibrate. :D
WARNING! 30Hz and below!

- Grenades :
Pull pin and throw sounds. New equip/unequip for frag grenades.

- Minigun (Reload) :
More pronounced reloading events.

- Magnum (Reload) :
More pronounced clicks, falling shells and proper timing on final event.

- Pistol 10mm + Silenced (Reload) :
3 New sounds - animation is too fast to hear them though.

- Pistol Laser (Reload) :
Now with ZiP!!

- Rifle Assault Chinese (Reload+Equip/Unequip) :
I just love timing these things :D anyway I think I got it.
Fits the model. (AK'ish)
Equip are used for most/all rifles. Unequip for all 2 handed I think.

- Rifle Assault US (Reload) :
Bethesda .... fire your animations department ... sigh.

- Rifle Hunting (Reload) :
I think I managed to keep pace with the frantic animations.
Very crisp.

- Rifle Laser (Reload) :
Even ZiPPier! if you can imagine.

- Rifle Lincoln (Reload) :
New Reload and Chamber.

- Rifle Plasma Genuine™ (Reload) :
Completely Zapped!

- SMG (Reload) :
Perfect and very crispy.

- Shotgun Combat (Reload+Equip) :
Hooray I finished :D

1. Backup your Main Title mp3 (..\Fallout 3\Data\Music\Special)
and any custom sounds that you may have.
2. Extract stuff to the proper location.
I tried hard to keep the directory structure straight-forward for most of the content.
But some may require you to make that teeny effort yourself, ughh, life's hard eh!

Thanks & Greetings to :


Tiber Septim
M1 Carbine sound and various snippets used for reloads and misc. sounds.

Terrain Pack 512default in particular.

FO3 Archive Utility

The contents herein represent quite a lot of work.
However, I positively loathe the evil known as "Intellectual Property".
So..... you dowloaded it - it's yours.
Do as you please with it, burn it to a disc - play frisbee with it.

Peace, Peace Profound.