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Combines CND/RAD Pages, Improves Scrollbars, More Space in Menus, Dialogs, etc.

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PipWare UI Mod v1.2

Author : rebb ( Contact : rebb at trisoup dot net )

- Combines the Condition ( CND ) and Radiation ( RAD ) Pages in the Status Window into a Single Page
- Vertical Scrollbar Markers are now easier to click and drag, no more trying to click a really thin Area
- More Space for Dialog-Lists, Inventory-Display, Barter-Display and Container-Display

It is possible to download some components of the Mod as separate packages in the file-section, if you want to try to use these with other UI Mods. It's however never guaranteed that different parts of different Mods work flawlessly together.

Changelog :


- Effects Page on the Pip-Boy is now even easier to reach, just mouse-over over the EFF Button to see it
- Behaviour of the MouseWheel Jump can now be adjusted via a Config-File, default is 1 Line but can be changed to 1 Page
- Dialog Boxes now size more dynamically according to the amount of Dialog Options


- Added visual feedback for when a vertical Scrollbar is draggable
- Mousewheeling inside a Menu now jumps almost a whole page instead of a single line, for quicker list traversal
- Vertical Scrollbar Markers are now less "jumpy" and behave as expected