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Adds all the cut weapons and armor for Fallout 3 back into the game with altered stats and a variety of locations. Also fixes some bugs within the game. Adds some new unique (and reasonable) weapons to the DLC Point Lookout. Includes Anchorage, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta.

Permissions and credits
The Fallout 3 Cut Content Mod adds almost every armor and weapon, originally cut from the game. Each piece has been slightly modified in some way in order to distinguish it from the already featured armor and weapons in the game.

***Version 2.2 is the most recent. Contains all items listed.

====== FALLOUT 3 ======

Apocalypse Gladiator Armor and Helmet - Found in the Bethesda Ruins. (+1 Strength, -1 Agility)

Black Bart's Bane - Found in Barn West of Vault 106 Entrance.

Blast-Off Pajamas - Found in a cabinet in the Grand Chamber of Little Lamplight.

Breaker - Found in a classroom near a blackboard in Springvale School.

Clover's Cleaver - Found in Eulogy's Pad in a floor safe behind stairs leading to the second floor.

Colonel Autumn's 10mm - Found in his personal locker in Raven Rock.

Colonel Autumn's Overcoat - Found in his personal Locker in Raven Rock.

Commando Leather Armor Found in a Hard Locked Safe in a small Raider Car Camp.

Curse Breaker – Found in the Diner behind the counter of Canterbury Commons. (+1 Luck)

Dad's Wasteland Outfit - Found in his Locker in the Clinic of Vault 101, after escaping the vault in the quest where the Vault is in chaos.

Defender Leather Armor - Found in a cabinet in the ruins of a building in the Wasteland.

Devil's Pigtails - Found with the Sharp-Dressed Raider Outfit.

Excalibat - Found on the Baseball Field near the Drive-cinema near Arefu.

Explorer's Gear - Sold by Traveling Merchant Crow (2nd Level).

Hand-Me-Down Raider Armor - Found in a dumpster near an raider camp.

Handyman Jumpsuit - Found in a locked safe in the Red Racer factory.

Law Dog - Found on a table in the GNR building where Three Dog is.

Makeshift Gas Mask - Found in vault 106, lowest levels. Science Labs. Only 3, all found on floor. (Fixed glitch where equipping would cause permanent 'Blue Hallucination" and enabled Voice Modulation).

O'Grady's Peacemaker - Found in a misc locker of Vault 101. Locker is used to block door from closing. Only available during "Escape!"

Power Suit - Found in Tenpenny's Wardrobe. Easy Locked.

Pyro Helmet - Found with the Highway Scar Outfit.

Shellshocked Armor and Helmet - Found on the roof of the Statesman Hotel, inside a fenced area in the corner. (+5 Small Guns)

Surgical Mask - Sold by Doc Preston in Rivet City.

Vault Suits (87 and 92) - Found in their respective Vaults.

Wanda - Found in Regulator HQ to the right of the entrance (when entering).

Wastelander's Gear - Sold By Traveling Merchant Crow (1st Level).

Autumn's Overcoat can be repaired with Enclave Uniforms.


**All Items found in three storage containers at the back of the Armory.

10mm Alloy Pistol
10mm Alloy Silenced Pistol
10mm Alloy Metal SMG
Army Mechanic Jumpsuit
Chinese Commando Hat
Chinese Commando Hat
Chinese Dragoon Rifle
Chinese Jumpsuit
Chinese General Jumpsuit
Chinese Dragoon Pistol
General Chase's Overcoat
Winterized Combat Armor
Winterized Combat Helmet

Winterized T51b Armor in the Armory is now the proper Wasteland Version instead of the Simulation Version that has a ridiculous 9,992,000 HP. Armor and Helmet is slightly improved with DR:50 HP:2500 (Armor) and DR:10 HP:150 (Helmet). The armor can now be repaired with Power Armor. Incorrect texture for Winterized Armor has now been fixed, white for Simulation, Grey faded for Wasteland (Ver 2.1 Update). Chase's Overcoat can be repaired with Enclave Uniforms. Fixed scripting bug which caused the Winter T51b to complete the quest "You Gotta Shoot Them In The Head" if in the middle of it. Gauss Rifle can be repaired with Laser Rifles.

==== BROKEN STEEL =====

Discharge Hammer - Found in Enclave Camp near the Relay Station.


Pa's Fishing Aid - Found in boat on the edge of the shore in Dove Delta.

*Slasher Knife - Found in the Motel Room K1.

*The Gravedigger - Found in Ofie Clan Pot.

*Not Official Cut Content. Added to give more unique weapons to Point Lookout.


Katana - Found in Research Room, near Gemini Space Craft. (On other table at the side).

Spanners - Found in Waste Room and other part of ship.



In the Images Section, armor and weapons are located where the player cursor is on the map, NOT where the mouse is highlighted.



Contained within the README. Simple process.