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Adds an intercom to the outside of the Regulator HQ. Useful if Sonora Cruz runs off, and generally more convenient

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There's an annoying glitch in Fallout 3 where, when their brahmin are being slaughtered by sentry bots, radscorpions, or whatever other manner of vile beast happens to be attacking them today, the Regulators panic. Sometimes, in a fit of mindless panic, their leader Sonora Cruz goes outside. When the threat is neutralised, she will carry on doing what she was before- standing around and wandering aimlessly. Only now she's outside. This can be very frustrating for the new recruit from Vault 101, as she's the only Regulator who can take fingers to pay out the cash bounty and she could be anywhere in the Capital Wasteland by now.

This mod sorts that out, and increases the convenience of handing in fingers for all Regulators, by adding an intercom next to the front door that enables fast, easy communication with Sonora Cruz wherever she happens to have wandered off to at the moment. However, if someone without the Lawbringer perk tries to use the intercom they will get a message telling them they can't use that until they have said perk. As her dialogue mentions seeing you again, the Regulators have also invested in a Vault-Tec eye-on-you camera, so they can see who it is before answering the intercom. Presumably there's a hidden hatch in the intercom where Regulators can deposit the fingers and receive their caps.

If people feel the need for it I can also add the same to the office of Littlehorn and Associates to communicate with Daniel Littlehorn, but I got the impression from the wiki that the only way he can end up outside is by the player attacking him, so it isn't needed as badly.

Copy the file Regulator Intercom.esp into your Fallout 3/Data folder and activate it in the usual way.

Delete or deactivate Regulator Intercom.esp.

Version Log
v1.0 - Initial release.

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't remove or seriously change the Lawbringer perk or Sonora Cruz. So the intercom script could access her I gave her reference a custom Editor ID of SonoraCruzRef, so if anything else tries to change her Editor ID it could cause problems. There isn't anything else I know of that would give her a custom Editor ID, but I thought I'd mention it.