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Added: 04/08/2009 - 10:41PM
Updated: 24/11/2009 - 03:53AM

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Last updated at 3:53, 24 Nov 2009 Uploaded at 22:41, 4 Aug 2009

This mod adds an overhead walkway in Megaton, which links the empty/player-owned house near the gate, the water processing plant, Craterside Supply and the saloon. It has a central platform with a fire barrel and a small covered seating area. It fully fits the theme of Megaton and integrates nicely with the atmosphere of the town and makes getting to the often-used spots considerably faster. All the objects I used in it are already used in Megaton apart from the bus shelter, fire barrel, sofa and side table. Its support structures look about as believable as the rest of the town.

It is fully navmeshed, meaning NPCs can walk across it. This doesn't mean they will, however. Companions follow you across it and the gift-giving settler can run over it to give you your present for being a good little boy/girl, but other than that it's usually pretty quiet. I've seen Lukas Simms, Billy Creel, Lucy West and a couple of Megaton Settlers using it, but most of the time it's deserted. The same could be said for some of the other walkways in Megaton, though, so I guess it doesn't matter.

> Reworked the placement of the supports under the end of the walkway leading to Moriarty's Saloon to be more realistic.
> Rotated the Megaton Clinic's sign so it is no longer obscured by the support beams.

-I just realised I haven't changed the version number of the .esp file, so it still shows up as 1.0 in FOMM. I won't bother re-uploading this one, but will make sure I change it if I release any newer version, which isn't likely.

Copy the file Megaton Walkway.esp into your Fallout 3/Data folder and activate it in the usual way.

Delete or deactivate Megaton Walkway.esp. I'd try not to be in Megaton's exterior when you do, in case someone happens to be walking across the walkway...

Anything that alters Megaton could potentially cause problems if they edit the same things or add stuff in the same place. According to the comments, it works fine with Megaton Lighting Overhaul, but has some issues with a table added by Megeton Tweaks - Sniper Edition.

Also, there are still some issues with pathfinding and characters ending up in odd places, such as the Simms' balcony, but I don't really play or mod Fallout 3 much any more so I won't be fixing it.