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Classic Fallout Plasma Pistol a.k.a. Glock 86 Plasma Pistol

Permissions and credits
Made by DaiShi
Repost to enable Rating and comments

Classic Glock 86 plasma Pistol is back!!!

Same stats as Vanilla plasma pistol. Extended capacity version (32 clip) is also included.
In the screenees it does not show but some of the lights are animated.

There are 4 versions in total: normal and replacer and both scoped or scopeless.

Places you can find it:
Glock 86 Plasma Pistol:
Citadel Laboratory
Raven Rock Level 3
Fort Constantine
And the Extended Cap is on
Autumns Desk in Raven Rock

The replacer has extended versions in all 4 places.
Some texture tweeks especially on the scope.
Update (suggested by your evil twin):
Added glass to the lightning bolta chamber, made the pistol more like gunmetal rather than black plus recolored the scope plus the tubes on Extended version to be more like the original. The green bolt now turns off if you drop the weap.

Known Issues:
- nothing i Know of

Unzip it in Data folder and choose an .esp

- USE ONLY 1 esp there are some overlaps in them which can cause problems
- i've included pipboy image w description copy it in Data folder (let it overwrite) if u need them.
- modified (texture for the glass part added) V1.0 textures are included as optional

Have Fun! And use the mod as u like (give Credit plz)

(and sorry about my bad english)