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Adds a little quest that points to all bobbleheads, without modifying their locations.

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So you want to collect all bobbleheads, but you don't want to use any 'put-all-the-bobbleheads-at-an-easy-location-mod'. This half-cheat mod will point all original locations of the bobbleheads, except for the medicine one in V101, on your map in the form of a quest. Now you don't have to endlessly wander the wastes!

It may take about 30 secs for the quest to appear. Bobbleheads that are already collected will not be marked anymore and if you collected all 20, the quest will disappear again.

Now get out there and collect!

Version 2:

On request in the comments I have found a way to filter the map markers. You can now find 4 'Bobble-Radars', which will act as terminals. Here you can choose which bobblehead you want to view on the map. Already found bobbleheads cannot be selected. As before the medicine bobblehead will not participate.
The locations of the radars are:
* Outside V101 on the rock with 'scenic overlook'
* Inside Megaton house upsidedown above your bed
* Inside Tenpenny suite upsidedown above your bed
* Outside Vault-tec HQ

It may take another 30 seconds for them to appear. They will all disappear once all bobbleheads are found.

I hope this will speed up your search.