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Added: 26/11/2008 - 07:50PM
Updated: 28/11/2008 - 08:19PM

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Last updated at 20:19, 28 Nov 2008 Uploaded at 19:50, 26 Nov 2008

I dont know why this happens, as this mod does not replace anything on the game, but for this mod to work correctly you will need binvalidadeolderfiles set to one:

open the fallout.ini file in your documents\my games\fallout3

press ctrl-f and search for "bInvalidateOlderFiles" without quotes.

check if it is set to one (bInvalidateOlderFiles=1) if not, change to 1.

### update ###
tweaked down the damage.

UV added

Hello guys, this is an M1911, it is also the main gun of Solid Snake on MGS4 if you care =P

You can find this gun at Moira (the vendor on megaton, yeah, that mad girl experimenting on you)

It uses 10mm ammo, as it is on real life one of the most used ammo for this gun.

### Installation ###

* extract the containts of the archive into your data folder.

* launch fallout, on the launcher screen (where you click play) click on data files, and check M1911.esp

* This is a possible bug, when I check the M1911.esp, click ok and then click on data files again, Fallout keeps unchecking my esp, if this happens to you, donwload FOMM, http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=640 run it, check the M1911 esp, and launch the game from there.

### Terms of use ###

You cannot re-upload this mesh and textures, you may modify them and upload for your mod, but you must contact me firs and wait for my authorization.
Sorry for being so harsh, but I kept having problems with my other two mods, so I had to make it clear.

### THANKS! ###

thanks for bethesda for doing another amazing game.

NifTools team, Thanks for this amazing tool, you guys are very tallented.

Timeslip for the FOMM

Moraelin, for the great tutorial on hexing and making a working esp.