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This Mod overhauls the main workbench script to allow for more custom recipes.

Permissions and credits
***NEW: CRAFT version with included, optional, FOOK and FWE patch.

It requires the CRAFT Mod to work.

See Readme files included with CRAFT version for updated info.
The below information is for the old non-CRAFT version.


Extract the included ESP files into the Data folder located within your main Fallout 3 Directory.
Activate whichever one you prefer via the F3 Launcher or FoMM. DO NOT ACTIVATE BOTH.

The default version expands the Workbench menu options as well as adds new recipes, the 'No Recipes'
version only expands the Workbench menu options and does not add any new recipes.


This Mod overhauls the main workbench script to allow for more custom recipes (the default maximum
is nine, ten if you include the 'none' option). I expanded that to allow eight categories with nine
options in each (not including 'none'). It could easily be expanded further by making the categories
more specific.

It also includes various custom recipes as well.

Known Issues

- Steam Cannon may cause VATS and/or game to freeze if you run out of ammo and are forced to reload during it.

If this happens, try opening the console and interacting with the menu to load the ammo there. That should unstick VATS after you close the console.

Current Custom Recipes

All custom recipes are subject to change. If you have suggestions as to a more logical and/or fitting
recipe, feel free to contact me.

Dragon's Breath Shotgun
- Sawed-Off Shotgun
- Fire Ant Nectar

Dragon's Breath Shotgun Shells x10
- Shotgun Shells x10
- Flamer Fuel x5
- Box of Detergent

- Railway Rifle
- Surgical Tubing
- Pilot Light

Excavator Ammo x5 (Explosives 25)
- Railway Spikes x5
- Cherry Bomb x5
- Wonderglue

Flashbang (Explosives 20)
- Frag Grenade
- Camera
- Electron Charge Pack

Gattling Shotgun (Repair 50)
- Minigun
- Combat Shotgun x6
- Ripper
- Fission Battery
- Conductor

Incendiary Grenade (Explosives 35)
- Frag Grenade
- Flamer Fuel

Incendiary Mine (Explosives 35)
- Frag Mine
- Flamer Fuel

Infiltrator Headgear (Repair 15)
- Shady Hat
- Combat Helmet
- Sunglasses

Meat Cannon
- Wood Chipper
- Leaf Blower
- Firehose Nozzle
- Conductor

Mega Power Fist (Repair 50)
- Power Fist
- Enclave Armor Helmet
- Fission Battery

Molotov Cocktail
- Empty Soda Bottle
- 2x Flamer Fuel
- Pre-war Money

Needler (Repair 25)
- Paint Gun
- Ripper
- Surgical Tubing
- Toy Car
- Wonderglue

Precision Laser Rifle (Repair 35)
- Sniper Rifle
- Laser Rifle
- Opthalmoscope
- Wonderglue

Pulse Rifle (Explosives 30 & Energy Weapons 50)
- Plasma Rifle
- Pulse Grenade
- Android Component

Stealthboy Recon Armor
- Recon Armor
- Stealthboy
- Fission Battery
- Sensor Module

Steam Cannon
- Steam Gauge Assembly
- Pressure Cooker
- Vacuum Cleaner
- Firehose Nozzle
- Fission Battery
- Conductor

Quick Item Rundown

Dragon's Breath Shotgun: Same as regular Sawed-Off Shotgun, just does slightly more damage, sets things on fire and has the fire critical, and uses the Zhu-Rong's ammo explosion.

Excavator: Railway rifle with less range, but its projectiles explode on impact. Damage and radius about half that of a Frag Grenade.

Flashbang: Cripples the Head of anyone in range of the explosion and reduces Perception to 0 for 10 seconds.

Gattling Shotgun: Minigun that fires Shotgun Shells. Does more damage and has a larger bullet-spread.

Incendiary Grenade/Mine: Same as Frag Grenade/Mine, does fire damage, set things on fire, has the fire critical, and has slightly increased explosion radius/damage.

Infiltrator Headgear: Shady Hat with Combat Helmet DR.

Meat Cannon: Rock-It Launcher version that uses meat as ammo. Slightly less damage, poison damage type, centaur spit critical chance.

Mega Power Fist: Slightly less than double the damage of a Power Fist. Knocks target back.

Molotov Cocktail: Half the damage of a Frag Grenade, does fire damage, set things on fire, has the fire critical, and explodes on impact.

Needler: Rapid-fire version of the Dart Gun without the poison/crippling effect.

Precision Laser Rifle: Sniper Rifle that fires a laser. More accurate and can fire numerous shots in succession, but does less damage and has a shorter range.

Pulse Rifle: Same as Plasma Rifle, but does 155 extra damage to robots (for a total of about 200, like a Pulse Grenade).

Stealthboy Recon Armor: Just like Recon Armor, only replaces the +5 sneak bonus with a 25% Stealth-field when sneaking.

Steam Cannon: Rapid-fire version of the Rock-It Launcher that can only use Pool Balls or Baseballs as ammo. Weighs more.

Schematic Locations

Dragonbreath Shotgun: Karl, Doctor Lesko's Shack, & Megaton Armory.

Dragonbreath Ammo: Karl.

Excavator: Seagrave Holmes, Knickknack, & Wheaton Armory.

Excavator Ammo: Seagrave Holmes.

Flashbang: Colonel Autumn's Room.

Gattling Shotgun: Successfully disarm a Shotgun trap with an intelligence of 6 or higher.

Incendiary Grenade: Successfully disarm a Grenade Bouquet trap with an intelligence of 6 or higher.

Incendiary Mine: Jocko's Pop Shop.

Infiltrator Hat: Moira Brown, Chinese Ghoul Hideout, & Yoo Guai Cave.

Meat Cannon: Crashed Satellite Hideout, Germantown Police HQ, & Dunwich Building Underchambers.

Mega Power Fist: Quartermaster Durga, Raven Rock Level 2, & National Guard Armory.

Molotov Cocktail: Karl.

Needler: Pronto, Mr. Burke's House, & Old Olney Sewers.

Precision Laser Rifle: Quartermaster Durga, Rivet City Bridge Tower Armory, & Fort Constantine CO Quarters.

Pulse Rifle: Successfully disarm a CPU trap with an intelligence of 6 or higher.

Stealthboy Recon Armor: Quartermaster Durga, Fort Independance, & Ranger Compound.

Steam Cannon: Successfully disarm a Baseball Machine trap with an intelligence of 6 or higher.


Qzilla - Sneak activated Stealthboy Recon Armor.

Surgical Scar - Excavator & Ammo, Flashbang, and Needler.

Panpiper - Gattling Shotgun, Infiltrator Headgear, and Steam Cannon.

refsil - Noticing that I was using the wrong formID for the Flashbang's projectile.

Demontriplet - Finding a way around the ammo-load in VATS freeze.