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A small tweak to omgpineapples\'s great View Distance Decreased mod, adjusted to my taste.

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All credit goes to omgpineapples, this is simply an adjustment to his great mod at http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1293.

Please refer to the original mod for a more detailed description of what this mod does. The short version is that it adjusts a fog setting (which you can't do through the normal game settings) and reduces your ability to see a nearly infinite distance, clear as day. Reduces the annoyance of objects/buildings suddenly popping into view, particularly on older systems. May also increase FPS and performance on older machines.

So...what's the difference between this mod and the original? Omgpineapples has three main versions (1, 2, and "greatly decreased"). He also has a Pitt and Anchorage version, which I didn't touch because I don't spend a lot of time in either place. The original version 1 was a little too close for my taste (too much fog), and version 2 was too far (hardly noticed it). I didn't even try the "greatly decreased" version. My mod is simply an adjustment to set the view distance squarely between the original versions (1 and 2). It's the perfect balance for me personally, feel free to try it if you like.

Note1: I requested permission from omgpineapples to upload my version, but I haven't seen him here for a long time nor did I get a response. Again, he deserves all credit for this mod, and if he doesn't like that I made this one, I may have to take it down in the future.

Update 7/23/10:I'm uploading a patch for compatibility with Hattix's Fellout v1.1.18.This mod will work with Fellout as-is, but it will override a lot of his ambient color settings.The most noticeable issue is that nights aren't as dark as Fellout makes them.By using this patch (load Fellout first, then my main view distance mod, then this patch) and you will get my fog settings and Fellout's light/color settings.I created it mainly for myself, after I started using Fellout.Figured I might as well upload it.