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neunen and Oldwolfe

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this mod adds the SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk as a unique weapon.

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Fusion Tomahawk Ver 1.0

Requested/co-developed by Oldwolfe on fallout3nexus.com

this mod adds the SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk as a unique weapon.


to quote Oldwolfe (who owns one)
"the Fusion Tomahawk put out by SOG is a more modern update of the Viet Nam tomahawk used by Special Forces. It was used by them because it could much more dependably take out sentries quietly in one blow than any knife can." "a 2/3rds strength blow has no problem penetrating a steel 55 gallon oil drum." "It has to do with the shape of the Fusion's head. It acts a bit like a can opener."

in game
currently there are only 2 instances of the weapon, one can be found on Arkansas, the other, on Carolina Red. the stats are similar to a death claw gauntlet, and the weapon is armor piercing. I'm looking into placing a 3rd instance in the wasteland, but i havent been able to find the specific cell im looking for yet. for now, if you have already dispatched both npcs that have one, the item code is XX000EA8 (where XX is the load order of the mod)

drag the data folder, found in the zip, into your fallout3 folder and overwrite when prompted. use fomm and archiveinvalidation.

future plans
have a 3rd instance of the weapon located in the clifftop shacks possibly add more SOG weapons (tactical battle ax looks neat)

thanks to
Oldwolfe, Bethesda, nifskope team, fallout3nexus.com

feel free to use any of my stuff for anything you like
whatsoever. credit would be nice, but its your karma.

tools used
blender, nifskope, photoshop, geck