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Tesla armor DX style. New textures with many details. New meshes with tweaked FX.

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Greetings and salutations faithful Nexus fans! It may come as no surprise to you that I have been on haitus from modding for an extended period of time, but the reason behind this absence was because of my involvement with a AAA quality game called War for the Overworld that is available on Steam!
If you're a fan of either god game or real time strategy genres then you should spend a few minutes to watch our teaser video or walk around our playable showcase and even pledge your support as a backer.

Tesla armor DX. It tastes just like you dreamt it would. So aside from a kickass texture filled with new details/improvements, I've taken the liberty of beefing up the visual fx (as im sure you expected from me.) The arc effects are a bit more "prominent". Dont expect them to be so vivid and chaotic that nearby squirrels get roasted. But at least now you can stand outdoors at noon-time and notice them!
(high res and normal res available. Optional bluish eyes helm avialable too)

your computer, fallout 3, Enclave personell
(occassionaly at the end of a rainbow, but leprechaun sized)

Some details:
1.) turn on monitor and computer
2.) locate "the mouse"
3.) open this file (teslaDX.rar)
4.) put the "textures" and "meshes" folder from this .rar INTO your "data" folder.
Do NOT put these folders into your fallout 3, they must go into the "data" folder!
5.) Overwrite when prompted/cattle prodded
6.) Open FOMM, MOFO
7.) what are you waiting for?! play some Fo3 dammit
8.) if you are playing FO3 now, you mustn't be reading this file at the same time.
9.) Find some Tesla PA and put it on!
10.) Come back to Nexus and leave your endorsement/comment

I'll tell you how to uninstall, once you've given me a good reason why you'd wanna do that

** Extra Notes **
If you are using another mod that changes the MESH of Tesla, you could have the conflict. There is no .esp file so this mod will not be the "cause" of any conflict. Please for the love of God and everything holy, do NOT forget Archive Invalidation. Underwear must be worn on the INSIDE of this armor, (if on outisde your red polka-dots make you a good target.) Mutants are known to charge polka-dots headfirst. I know this armor will make you look so awesome, but pls try to keep both hands on the keyboard. Chasing squirrels while wearing Tesla armor will NOT cook them, but will only enrage nearby mutants. Enable Tesla armor's crotch-arcs AFTER puting it on, never BEFORE. Tesla armor is not a (sex) toy! Warning! wearing Tesla armor for extended periods of time may result in sterility. Do NOT wear Tesla armor while taking a bath.

Lots of people ask me about Tesla DX on a daily basis.
It was finished a couple weeks ago, but i suffered a HDD failure and lots a bunch of WIP textures and scripts. Up and running now, working extra hard to make up for lost time ^^ All aforementioned mods are STILL in the works, no worries.

You already found me if you saw my file and downloaded this!
but you can PM me on the nexus
or even better you can join ;)

MacroTM: beta testing
HugePinball: Beta testing/screenshots/vid
Dragnilar: testing/some screenshots
Mentalcrisis00: beta testing/screenshots

Warranty void if tag removed

1.) I don't care if you think it fits your LORE (put in your lore hole)
2.) This mod was designed to fit MY needs.
3.) If you don't like, dont download! Although i DO appreciate constructive critisim
4.) If you have a GOOD suggestion i will listen (trust me i have make many things on request) but
i will probably not change any style to fit your "The Jetsons" ideals
5.) Your own screenshots are appreciate! (kudos for you) I always enjoy to see my mod in your game and will reward you with a Kudos for taking the time to upload your screenshot here
6.) what are you waiting for? now that you have Enclave, Tesla, and Hellfire GO GET ENCLAVE COMMANDER!!