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Adds a long lost GARY Tribe to be encountered in the Swamps of Point Lookout. Whooop! Go Gary!

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ATTENTION ALL, those who have downloaded the July version, there is a Big bug when you get close to Blackhall Manor or to the South West of the map. I corrected it now in the Update + Fix.

The problem was that I added the failed FEV subject for the Garys to fight but that was not suppost to be a enermy and caused the game to crash. All be well now + Updated so Garys and now RAMPANT in the Swamps + a new and deadly Foe to fight.... check the pics in the Gallery to find out more!

*Updated so you should encounter more garys in the Acual Swamps, I noticed that the Garys where not in the Swamps themselfs so i placed them more into the Swamps ok?


This mod adds a Break away Gang of Garys to the Swamps of Point LookOut..
I was a lil disapointed of the veriaty of Enermies and beasties encounteredin the Swamps so here is the Gary touch!

The Garys themselfs:

The History behind these mysterious Garys is that they ventured South to the Swampy grounds of Lookout to start life anew...

They are hostile to any and all (well I tried to make them hostile to Swampfolk to, but i not yet seen them engage in battle...)

These garys took up the same ideas of the local Tribals but are completely Seperate from them and will attack them if encountered.

There is a deatailed description of each Gary encountered in the Readme.

INSTALL: Just extract the file from the Zip and place into your Fallout 3 Data folder cool?

Updates are 2 - 4 days apart or if I am just bored.

I hope you like! and Check out my other Gary Mod - The Gary Invasion found here ---> http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6583

I thank you and a Ooohooo Gary to Thee. :)