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JB says Hi! Neotorious\' M41A Pulse Rifle \"Reloaded Edition\" with working collision & grenade launcher attchmenet

Permissions and credits
Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle v3 w/ Grenade Launcher Attachment

Changes v3:
- Added Grenade Launcher Attachment
- Changed Ammo Type to 5mm
- Increased Base Damage

Changes v2:
- Decreased Base Damage
- Increased Model Size

Upcomming changes hopefully are a FOSE edition where weapon modes are changed by pressing a key. However a change attack sound command will have to be created in FOSE.


You can find the weapon at it's hidden location just outside Megaton (check provided pic), or via the console.
To add the item, check its load order in OBMM, and substitute the mod index of the file with the Xs below.

player.additem XX000EA7 1
player.additem XX006BBF 1(Grenade Launcher)

and since you'll likely burn through ammunition quickly:

player.additem 6B53D #
player.additem 4330 #(Frag Grenades)
player.additem 4331 #(Pulse Grenades)
player.additem 4332 #(Plasma Grenades)


The M41A Pulse Rifle is an air cooled, electronic pulse action, selective-fire automatic rifle. The M41A is designed as a modular weapon that can fire the caseless M3xx family of 10mm x 24 high explosive light armor piercing rounds and high-velocity 30mm grenades.

Armat produce the M41 in three basic variants: the lightweight automatic assault rifle (with integral 30mm slide-action grenade launcher), the lightweight sniper rifle, and the heavy automatic battle rifle with unique high capacity L-shaped magazine. A universal T-bracket enables no-tools mounting of passive electro-optic, thermal imaging and laser rangefinding weapon sights to carry handle/sighting rail. It has been the standard longarm of the Colonial Marine Corps since the mid 2160s.


Copy Data Folder into your Fallout 3 directory or use FOMM.

Delete or use FOMM:

Data/Aliens Pulse Rifle.esp


All credit goes to those who created this mod. I just fixed some bits.


Don't ask me if you want to improve, edit, release, or package and sell your own version of this mod. Just do it. Make it awesome.
Good luck.