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Converts Brianna from \"The Family\" into a companion with voice and lip synced dialog.

Permissions and credits
Brianna Companion V1.03
Please remember to ENDORSE THIS MOD, it only takes a few minutes of your time and motivates me to add more features.

Note: If upgrading from any previous version of Brianna Companion you MUST follow the upgrade instructions located towards the end of this description. Keep in mind that other mods can conflict with Brianna Companion which is no fault of this mod and make sure you read the FAQ section.

If you like this mod please checkout my other work -
Lucy West Companion: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5696

Screenshot Info
The "Jacuzzi Fun" screenshot of Brianna illustrates she can wear custom clothes, it was taken in the jacuzzi of the Mini Hideout - Player Home by Rayek wearing the Wasteland Seductress outfit by Bronson (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4886).

Recommended Mods
I recommend checking out Mini Hideout - Player Home by Rayek (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6394) as it is an excellent player home that has a level of quality you don't often find in mods.

While working on Lucy West Companion I came up with the idea of "what if the method you used to hire a companion impacted upon their features?". So once Lucy West Companion 1.4 was finished I began developing Brianna Companion with that idea in mind. So what does this mod do exactly? Well it converts Brianna from "The Family" into a companion with voice and lip synced dialog. She can be hired at any time with either the Cannibalism or Hematophage perk, but heres the fun part, you get to decide whether you get "Cannibal Brianna" or "Vampire Brianna" based on which perk you hire her with!

Features common to both hiring methods:
- Voice & lip synced dialog
- Levels with the player
- Tag skills are Melee, Small Guns and Stealth.
- Dialogue option to heal crippled limbs outside of combat
- Auto heals after combat and uses stimpaks during combat if available
- Essential option via dialogue
- Ability to set her home location via dialogue
- Will follow you into most house mods immediately
- Should head home to rest when you enter Vault87 during the MQ (instead of firing herself)
- Standard follower options (combat style, distance, trade, go home & rest etc)
- Teleports to you when entering another interior cell if unintentionally seperated
- Can wear Power Armour
- Wait sandbox AI

Features specific to hiring with Cannibal Perk:
- Cannabilistic mini questline
- Often harvests strange meat from humans during melee combat (quest unlockable)
- Will create strange feasts for you from strange meat (quest unlockable)
- Comes with combat knife as melee weapon
- Assault Rifle as unlimited ammo weapon via dialogue
- Increased Agility compared to Vampire version (quest unlockable)
- Home sandbox AI more "cannibalistic" (eats strange meat for meals, sleeps 12pm to 8am)

Features specific to hiring with Hematophage Perk:
- Vampiric mini questline
- Often harvests blood packs from humans during melee combat (quest unlockable)
- Teaches you (the player) how to extract more health from blood packs (quest unlockable)
- Comes with knife as melee weapon
- Submachine Gun as unlimited ammo weapon via dialogue
- Increased Luck compared to Cannibal version
- Home sandbox AI more "vampiric" (sleeps 5am to 5pm)

Overall I'd say the cannibal version is slightly better in damage and profitability but I thought that was necessary given the player must choose the cannibal perk manually, while everyone has access to the vampire version. Currently she doesn't have any idle chatter when following you on your travels, I prefer the "easy on the ears" option now days.

Feedback, opinions, bug reports and feature requests are greatly appreciated.

Q. Hematophage perk? What the hell is that?
A. This is a perk awarded to you by completing the quest "Blood Ties" and then returning to Vance and asking him to teach you the ways of a vampire. It is available to all characters who complete "Blood Ties".

Q. Brianna gets annoyed when I steal stuff from The Family, what gives?
A. She is still friendly with The Family so I'd steal everything you want before hiring her.

Q. The Cannibal quest asks me to talk to Vance but the dialogue option wont appear.
A. This happens when you hire Brianna with the Cannibal Perk before talking to Vance, he just needs to introduce himself first so run through all the dialogue he gives, it will finish, conversation will end, talk to him again and you'll have the dialogue option.

Q. I've unlocked harvesting via the questline, removed the unlimited ammo weapon and set her to melee combat but sometimes the harvested item doesn't appear in her inventory. What gives?
A. This usually happens when Brianna takes a lot of damage during a fight, the vampire version will drink the harvested blood pack and the cannibal version will eat the strange meat to regen some health.

1. Download the zip file
2. Unpack zip into your [gamefolder]\data directory
3. Enjoy!

This will clean your save game to ensure it wont suffer any bloating before the reinstall (this should be done for any companion mod)
1. Load old version of Brianna Companion and remove all items you want to keep from Brianna.
2. Fire Brianna and save the game.
3. Exit fallout 3 and uninstall Brianna Companion as per instructions below.
4. Start fallout 3 without any version of BriannaCompanion and load your previously saved game.
5. Resave the game immediately. Exit fallout 3.
6. Download new version of Brianna Companion and follow install instructions above.
7. Start fallout 3, reload your save and hire Brianna.
8. Profit!

1. Delete BriannaCompanion.esp
2. Delete all files in [gamefolder]\data\meshes\BriannaCompanion.esp
3. Delete all files in [gamefolder]\data\sound\voice\BriannaCompanion.esp
4. Wonder why you just uninstalled a great mod :P

Change Log
- Release
- Changed sledgehammer to combat knife for Cannibal Brianna
- Fixed texture issue with unlimited ammo weapons
- Removed "vampire hideout" idle line from Cannibal Brianna
- Lowered harvest number for last part of cannibal quest from 20 to 15
- Fixed rehire issue on upgrade
- More dynamic dialog options (eg. removed "switch to melee" when you already have melee selected)
- Fixed Brianna's drinking problem when in sandbox at your home
- Brianna will no longer shout "HELP ME!" when initiating combat
- Lowered harvest number for last part of cannibal quest from 15 to 10
- Brianna can now reach level 30 for those with Broken Steel DLC

Bethesda for Fallout3.
The Nifskope team.
Fallout3Nexus for being such a great resource.

You are free to modify this companion mod for your own personal use.
You must contact me to obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod or including it in any project.
You are not to upload this mod on any other site without my permission.