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Sets the field of vision to desired value upon loading.

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Now automates 3'rd person perspective and FOV according to preferences chosen in a menu.
Requires FOSE

*Contents: AutomatedFOV.esp and AutomatedFOV.txt
*Description: You'll be given an armor item resembling a camera. Equip it to prompt a menu from which you can choose your desired FOV and the position of the camera when playing in 3' person. Your settings will be stored and reset upon loading any subsequent save or can be re-adjusted at any time.
*Requirements: Fallout 3 and FOSE
*Installation: Extract the plugin of to your fallout 3\Data directory and activate the plugin of your choosing in FOMM (load it anywhere)
*Uninstallation: Deactivate and toss...
*Use: Equip the "Camera Options" article and a menu will shortly pop up with the below options:
  • FOV 75 (Default)
  • FOV 80
  • FOV 85
  • FOV 90
  • FOV 95
  • Right Shifted 3'rd Person Camera (Default)
  • Left Shifted 3'rd Person Camera
  • Centered 3'rd Person Camera
  • Stop Auto Camera Quest

*Thanks: Beth for the game and GECK, the FOSE team for the functions used, TalkieToaster for the suggested use of GetGameLoaded, and ElminsterEU for FO3Edit
*Rights: I'm a lefty. Do whatever...
*Future: If anything seems off at all, let me know but it shoud work as intended.