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Adds 4 new perks, and 2 weapons.

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Updated to version 4:

Punga fruit now respawns every 3 days.
You get the number of Fruits hanging from a Punga plant instead of just 1.
Ghoul Ecology perk fixed.
Mirelurk Ecology fixed.
Mirelurk Ecology Perk icon changed.
Swing For The Fences Perk icon changed.

Updated to version 3, Swing For The Fences can now be obtained. Fixed a bug with the pa's fishing aid activator, so that if you'd already gotten one from another source you can still pick it up.

New version, which makes you get the Gray Matters Perk even if you've completed Point Lookout.


Mirelurk Ecology:
After hours of studying, you've finally learned to exploit a mirelurk's weaknesses and gain a +5 damage bonus while attacking one.
Gray Matters:
Protect what's important. With the Gray Matters perk you'll receive 25% less damage when hit in the head.
Shotgun Diplomacy:
You do +10 extra damage with shotguns.
Swing For The Fences:
With Swing For The Fences you'll do an additional 10 points of damage while any one or two handed melee weapon is equipped.

Pa's Fishing Aid, unique Double Barrel Shotgun
Fireman's Axe, unique Axe

Locations Spoiler:


Mirelurk Ecology, you need to read the book found in the Black Hall Manor.

Gray Matters, pickup the brain jar at the end of Point Lookout main quest.

Shotgun Diplomacy, get Pa's Fishing Aid, shoot 10 people with it, and collect the pellets from their corpses.

Swing For The Fences, kill 10 humans with an axe, any axe, at any time.


Pa's Fishing Aid, on the table in the covered bridge.

Fireman's Axe, Motel Office, on the wall behind the counter.