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Not another Music Replacer…

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Thanks to all the downloaders... (1900) and counting... Yay!)

Keep commenting guys; we really like to hear how your
experience of Fallout 3 has changed with the new music.


New Files hoping to work for everybody... sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for your support...

The new files are encoded with a different software and without the MP3's tags, I tested it on another computer and worked.

Also there are two new files on ".wav" extension that should be located on a different path... read below for urther information.

Also, my first readme, was wrong (I missed one step) now is corrected.


Hi guys...


First of all, I think the vanilla music in Fallout 3 is good. Our friend Inon Zur did a very good job as always… (Even though his Prince of Persia soundtrack is better... just my opinion).

But in a game that eat this huge amount of gameplay hours, and now extended since the G.E.C.K... the same music can be boring...again and, again...

So I’m coming with this ambitious project.

I found everywhere in the internet many music replacer mods, but all of them where just compilation of songs from other games or movies...

So… What make this mod so special?
That every single song replaced is made for the game, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered specially for Fallout 3.

You will not find this music anywhere.

This Mod is intended for the Heavy Metal lovers and for the casual Metal Listener, who want to have a BIG shot of Adrenaline and a boost up when battling in the wastelands.

Almost all the tracks in the "Music" Folder has been re-composed, recorded, mixed and mastered using professional equipment and crew.

However, the main guys who worked on this ambitious project were only two, me (Averam) and "PistolGrip" who played the drums.


Find your Fallout 3 Data Folder.

First, move out the following folders inside Music; drop them in your desktop or similar:

Base, Tension, Public, Explore, Battle, Special and Dungeon (Do not remove "Tranquilitylane" and "Endgame")
Then unpack the content of “Earthquake” (Music) (Not the music folder, but the contents)inside the Data\Music Folder, keeping the same paths as before.

From the files we moved before take the file named: "ExitTheVault.mp3" and copy it again on the "Special" folder.

Then, take the files "Death.wav" and "Success.wav" located on the "Special" folder and place them in the following path:


Sadly when I uploaded, I forgot to rename those two files so you will have to do it, rename them as:


If those folders doesn't exists, you can create them with no problem.

You are done!

If you like, you can do a backup of the older files in order to go back to the original score.


Remove the following folders from your "Data\Music" folder:

Base, Tension, Public, Explore, Battle and Dungeon, then remove the "Death.wav" and "Success.wav" files from the "Data\sound\fx\mus" folder.

Place back your backup again in the same way you removed it…


NOTE: The readme into the package is outdated check the one in site for new instructions.