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Sets the new races added by Point Lookout to be playable player races and adds the scar hair as a playable hair

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====Requires Point Lookout DLC (Obviously)====
Just put Point Lookout Tribal Races Playable v2.esp in the Fallout 3 data folder and activate and the races will appear in the race choice menu. There are African, Asian, Hispanic, and Cacasian varients.

==Vanilla Races Addon==
Adds a certain scar hair to the vanilla races. WILL CONFLICT WITH ANY MODS WHICH MAKE CHANGES TO VANILLA RACES. If you want to have this mod working in addition to say the HairPack mod, you'll need to merge them or get them to play nice. I'm not 100% sure how one manages that with Fallout 3 yet...

Possible Conflicts:
This mod will conflict with any other mods which make changes to the tribal races added by Point Lookout.