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A New use for booze cos this car runs on 20 bottles of whiskey per fill.

Permissions and credits
I'll be updating this soon with a new script which does not use a bodyslot. There will be no J/stick support for the new version. It also gets rid of camera shake and allows the player to exit the vehicle w/o getting stuck.

Credit goes to:
J3X and Veliv for the original scripts.
Alexkidd62 for simplifying the scripts.
the ghost of persian for the model.
BackSteppo for sit-kf (motorcycle seating position) I invite him to write one specifically the use of this mod.

Thanks also to ElminsterAU for FO3Edit of which I used extensively to develop this mod.

My part:
Adjusting the model in 3dmax to fit the nosering slot as armor (same as J3X driveable motorcycle only more awkward due to the size of the vehicle. Editing the scripts specifically for this vehicle. Adding sounds and menu items.

This is a driveable car which runs on whiskey. You will need a few bits to get it running but I left all you need at the bandit house in Springvale.

FOSE is also required (my bad, I forgot)

A to activate
(WASD) for movement
(R) to start the engine (won't start if no fuel and its old car so may fail to start occassionaly even on a full tank.
(T) to stop the engine running.
(E) to exit (use TCL to escape the vehicle confines until I sort it out)

Collision is centered around player so when you are driving, you will go right through stuff. I'm working on this and taking a different approach than utilising an armor slot which will enable you to mount the car properly.

On exiting the vehicle, you will be stuck inside and need tcl to get out.

Future Plans:
I probably won't develop this futher other than correcting collision parameters as I am working on another method of mobility where you mount the vehicle rahter then wearing it as an armor.

Several vehicles are in the works one of which you be able to use as a mobile home.

I think thats about it. Have fun, do with it what will and you can improve it, kudos to you :)