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Version 2 requires FOSE v1.2+
(Version 1 still available for FOSEphobes)
FINAL VERSION. It's stable as it's getting and I'm working on the New Vegas version.

With RobCo Certification, you too can turn a hunk of junk into a brand-new robot assistant with our five-part correspondence course- get RobCo Robot Company certified, today!

RobCo Certified adds a new three-rank perk with the same name. With the perk, if you have a spare Fission Battery and some scrap metal you'll be given the option to repair any robot you destroy, turning them into a loyal ally who'll follow you anywhere. Each rank allows you to repair bigger and better robots to command. RobCo Certification is designed to allow non-combat sciency characters to be viable, letting them unleash a horde of robot minions against those who would threaten them.

Version 2.0 lets you upgrade your robots, improving their firepower, and gives you vastly more control over their abilities and skills. It also adds Companion Share & Recruit compatiblity, so friendly repairmen can fix up damaged bots. Plus, Zeta addons! Now you can command alien robots, and teleport them down from the Mothership if you run out back in the Capital Wasteland.

2.4 adds new perks granting the ability to create robots from wasteland scrap, appliances like ovens and so on- Junkbots like the Ovenbot or Hoverbrain.

Example video:

  • Mechanist's Edition (optional file on the download page): Adds a quest to let you get your own Mechanist Suit (and upgrade it to Mechanist Power Armour), with special effects that stop wilderness robots attacking you, allow you to buff your friendly robots, and make you look stylish.
  • CuteUnit's Side Mod (optional file on the download page): Addon made by CuteUnit to retune RobCo for roboticists who eschew weapons themselves, making bots much more dependent on (and responsive to) your active control.
  • RC v2 FWE: In the patch pack, rebalances damage to FWE levels (thanks to Kasugurami).
  • RC v2 EVE: In the patch pack, adds the ability to repair EVE's Lt. Gutsy robots
  • RC v2 Omnipatch: Combines FWE, EVE and Zeta patches.
  • RC v2 Impervious: In the patch pack, requires Impervious Power Armour- gives robots near immunity to smallarms.
  • RobCo Certified Textures, by Squirm & Pintocat. Get these, they look great.
  • Madcat's made an alternate version of the Vault 101 Army tex too.
    Co-op Compatibility with

    Followers from all three mods will follow the same group commands, heal each other if appropriate, and work together.

    • How do I update to v2?
    • Disable v1, enable v2, enable Version Updater, load your save. Then use the Version Updater to get back any missing bots/perk ranks, save, and then disable the Version Updater. Instructions are all included in the Version Updater.

    Don't rehost without permission.