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Chinese Assault Rifle Sound Mod Replacement.

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Fallout 3: Chinese Assault Rifle Sound Mod.


Author: Pixelated

I wasn't real happy with the sound of the Chinese Assault Rifle (and some other guns too) so I decided to create my own. This is a simple mod to change the Chinese Assault Rifle fire sound to something more crisp and punchy. It doesn't change anything else like the reload, jam, etc.. The default sounds Bethesda included were too "echoey" to me. This new sound is from an AK-47 and matches the Chinese Assault Rifle a lot closer in my opinion.

It really shines when two people are shooting at each other using the assault rifle. It's loud and you'll definitely notice. Hopefully not too loud though.

This is my first mod I've ever created for any game so I thought I would keep it simple and not be over ambitious. In the words of Homer Simpson "Aim low. Aim so low you can't possibly fail".


Locate your Fallout.ini

My Documents\My Games\Fallout3

Open your Fallout.ini and search for the string "bInvalidateOlderFiles=0" without the quotes. Change the 0 to 1

Then save and exit.

Extract the Sound folder to your \Program Files\Fallout 3\Data directory.

Delete the sound folder (So long as you don't have any other sounds installed).

Anyone can use these two files however and for whatever they want. Please take some time to leave feedback to let me know whether you like it or not. That way I can make some corrections if needed. Thanks.



It seems I made a small mistake with managing the sound file for NPC's and therefor it came out sounding a lot louder and there is no directional sound. So if a Super Mutant is blasting you from far away and you don't see him you you won't be able to hear where he's shooting from either. I have fixed it and re-uploaded it too. I highly recommend you use this new version if you want NPC sound detection when they're blasting on you with the Chinese Assault Rifle. Thanks.