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Added: 10/06/2009 - 01:26PM
Updated: 18/08/2011 - 03:47PM

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Last updated at 15:47, 18 Aug 2011 Uploaded at 13:26, 10 Jun 2009

This mod adds severall types of custom made More heavy combat armors , it has urban themed, wasteland themed , arctic themed and more themed looks....

there is a heavy version and alight version , there is also a gas mask helmet that gives a slight advantage in facing irradiation....

its not overdone and overpowerfull , its sliglty better than the combat armor , is bit more protective and bit more heavy , you can use the same combat armor to repair it ....

I hope you will like it...

To install just place the respective files in the corresponding folders in the Fallout directories , to make it easy just take the content of the Data
folder and paste inside the Fallout data folder ...
this mod doesn't overwrite anything and uses only its own custom emeshes and textures...

to find the armors you can :

Wasteland Advanced Combat Armor

Moira Brown's Shop and Jericho's House

Urban Advanced Combat Armor

Shrapnel and Flak's Shop and room

Arctic Advanced Combat Armor

The room where the new armors are found at the end of the DLC Anchorage quest

Talon Company Advanced Combat Armor

Can be found inside the HQ of Talon Company in their bedroms

Reilly's Rangers Advanced Combat Armor

Can be found in the HQ of the Reilly's Rangers

V.2 added Havoked inworld models for the helmets and Mercenary versions.

V.3 added pipboy images fix , also added all the armors in the testarmors world just type in the consolle cow Armortestingworld 0 0 to reach this worldspace where all armors are...