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Adds more hotkeys, 19ish to be sort of precise, allowing for unprecedented hotkeyness.

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Requires FOSE v1.2+

More Hotkeys adds more hotkeys. If you're still not convinced you need it, read on!

You gain a second set of hotkeys for weapons accessed by holding down Shift, and a third set that binds entire suits of clothes you access by holding down Alt. Quick and easy, and you can rebind the access keys if you like.

If you'd like something (a little bit) innovative, More Hotkeys also adds Stance Sets. By holding Shift and Alt, you can store your gear for your current stance, be it sneaking, weapon drawn or weapon holstered. Now you can bind your gun and armour to your Weapon Drawn stance, and a neat-looking suit to your Weapon Holstered stance. Then when trouble comes calling, draw your gun, tap two keys and you're in full battle gear, then after winning simply put your piece in the holster, tap two keys and you're back in your casual suit.
Stance Sets make remembering just which hotkey your T51b is bound to a thing of the past.

(Well, not that there are any other Fallout 3 hotkey mods, so it's a thing of the potential past rather than the actual past...)

Don't redistribute without permission, kthx.