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Amidst the swirling dust of the wasteland you spot a tattered piece of paper dancing in the wind. Being born of curious stock you reach out and claim it from the breeze. A flyer, with an advertisement for an open-air lecture. Interesting.

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To sleep, perchance to dream.


Amidst the swirling dust of the wasteland you spot a tattered piece of paper dancing in the wind. Being born of curious stock you reach out and claim it from the breeze.
A flyer, with an advertisement for an open-air lecture. Interesting.


++ Installation ++
Extract all files in the zipped file into your Fallout 3\Data folder. The name of the .esp associated with this mod is 'IntoTheDeepWoods.esp' - make sure to place a check mark in that when launching Fallout 3 to activate the mod.

You may wish to use the ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated tool to enable new textures if you have not used mods before.

DO NOT TAKE COMPANIONS WITH YOU when you enter the house of the professor. Tell them to wait at home. They shouldn't have to see what will be done to you. Oh, wait, I mean.. well, just leave them at home. Trust me on this.

++Mod Information++

To sleep, perchance to dream takes the player on a surreal adventure through the use of various notes, hints, and puzzles. If you do not care for reading notes, taking terminal quizzes, solving puzzles, or exploring for the sake of exploring then it is doubtful that this mod will appeal to you. Combat is kept to a minimum. Only in the sunset of this adventure will you become obligated to bear force against those who seek to do you harm.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope you enjoy this adventure.

If you enjoyed To Sleep - Perchance to Dream, I suggest you try the other mods in this series. The first two mods are, in order, as follows:



I'd like to thank Dracomies (author of Project Beauty) for taking a considerable amount of his time to offer numerous helpful aesthetic suggestions (in .pdf format no less!) Several of his suggestions have been incorporated into this patch.

The new Tiger rifle is based upon the fantastic M14 implemented into the Fallout3 universe by superlative modeler HeroinZero.

My new rifle was initially just a retexture of the existing 'vanilla' hunting rifle. It looked so terrible that I sought out work done by those with more skill, and I found exactly what I was seeking with HeroinZero's wonderful work. All I did was chop off the scope and do a few minor texture tweaks (including the obligatory 'blue' inherent in all Tiger Manufacturing weapons).

Again, Kudos & a great big thanks to HeroinZero for his amazing work and near 'open source' policy on repurposing his works. Hats off to you!

I would also like to thank the FalloutNexus forum community for helping me with several issues over the the course of this mod's construction.

If you want to make sure you do not inadvertently read any (minor) spoilers, I SUGGEST YOU STOP READING HERE.

If you need more information to help you decide whether or not to try this mod, please continue reading at your own

++ New Features ++
  • Four new interior adventuring areas
  • You'll be taxed with establishing the proper soil parameters to grow a mushroom garden, analyze a patient's X-ray, and assess the lacking accessories in a snowman's army over the course of this adventure.
  • Many new textures & posters
  • New weapon (new model + new texture + new stats + new sounds + new effects) This weapon will dynamically generate items on opponents felled by its pyrotechnics, which can be combined to create new items.
  • Adventure that takes the player to several different areas, from the cozy study of a professor to a decayed cityscape to a brand new worldspace brimming with life, lakes, and lost dreams.
  • Dozens of new notes, including new voice acting, images, and text.

---- CHANGE LOG -----

v 1.061
  • a couple of missing Pipboy icons restored
  • several collision corrections in The Woods
  • fishing net now working properly
  • respawn flag removed from a few unfortunates

v 1.06
  • fixed a couple of tracking errors in the fishing game
  • recipe restored that couldn't be crafted before
  • fixed possible lock-up during fish grilling
  • one new special event in the fishing game
  • small change to the professor's lab to address rare terminal bug

v 1.05
  • drastically increased scope of the fishing game; over twenty new organisms to catch and several recipes
  • new weapon (related to the fishing game)
  • three times as many 'special fishing events'now
  • several new logs (also in conjunction with the fishing area)
  • new creature
  • adjusted access to Cave; interaction with Bengal now required
  • cleaned up and remade final dream sequence before the Woods to address collision issues
  • a few messages cleaned up for spacing/clarity
  • increased visibility in one dream sequence to illuminate an important object with a friendly glowing mushroom

v 1.04
  • expansion of the cave in the Woods
  • new fishing mini-game, complete with multiple things to catch, new Perk, new items
  • correction to new Bengal module recipe producing an extra module
  • reworking of certain concoctions for compatibility
  • Professor's lab reworked
  • new notes
  • new posters
  • special cave fungus synthesis procedure expanded
  • additional puzzle step before entering the world of Dreams
  • graphical cleanup here and there

v 1.03
  • dozens of graphical tweaks to reduce 'see-through rocks', etc.
  • new setpieces in the Woods
  • new cave to explore in the Woods
  • three new powerful 'miracle fungus' obtainable items
  • several new notes
  • 2 new Bengal 'recipes'
  • Bengal tweaked; radius reduced a bit, but deals more damage
  • Microrobotic fabricator more powerful, longer lasting, and easier to activate
  • new poster & graphical cleanup in the Professor's house