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Keeps Galaxy News Radio from playing Broken Steel-relevant announcements until after the Broken Steel storyline begins.

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NOTE: This mod should no longer be necessary with version 1.2 or later of the Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch. I have seen reports to the contrary, however. I recommend installing the UF3P first, and then only using this ESP if the broadcasts are still going out early -- the patch fixes a lot more than just the Broken Steel broadcasts.

After getting tired of Three Dog talking about what happened at the Jefferson Memorial before I'd been there to make it happen, I fired up the GECK and made this little mod. With it enabled, you won't hear any random chatter from Three Dog about Broken Steel events until you've finished the original main quest line.

Needless to say, it requires the Broken Steel DLC.

NOTE: This mod will only work if BrokenSteel.esm is in the Data folder for Fallout 3. If you've downloaded it from the GFW Marketplace, It should be in the folder C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive\DLC\425307d6\00000002\057e1a9f09170ffe1e6eb7546a7cc7a88f783a90 (or C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\XLive\DLC\00000002\057e1a9f09170ffe1e6eb7546a7cc7a88f783a90 if you're still on XP). Just copy it into the Fallout 3 Data folder and you'll be good to go.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This mod alters the "RadioGNRNewsStoryGenericDLC031A", "RadioGNRNewsStoryGenericDLC031B", and "RadioGNRNewsStoryGenericDLC032" radio topics in the quest RadioGalaxyNewsQuest to check for whether or not quest MQ11 (Take It Back!) has been completed. No other changes are made; therefore, this mod should be compatible with the majority of mods that affect Galaxy News Radio (such as GNR - More Where That Came From). If any compatibly issues occur, try loading this mod last.