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War of Champions is continuation and update of this mod READ LONG DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU RATE!!! Remaked CRI Squad mode. Makes big war all over DC between. Evil Dark Orb, Good CHK, Independent Rebels and Mysterius Necromants.Summon own Heroes and troops with radio and conquer bases i maked with Lakword :) May be Hard even with Enclave commander

Permissions and credits
War of Champions is the updated continuation of this mod.

Ultimate War!!!
Read these major warnings on below to save both your and my time.

War never changes... and never ends.

Four great factions fight for control over the Capitol Wasteland. Download one of files and become part of this great war. Buy a radio from Moria and summon your own troops to fight against the other three factions. Each faction has their own strengths and weaknesses. They also have their own unique heroes, units, uniforms and allies.

Dark Orb (Evil Invaders) (Easy Difficulty)
The rich and technologically advanced Commander Kuroi has allied himself with Talon Company, forming even more men to invade the wastelands. He has recruited J3X the Enclave Commander with his mobile Dabla Base and with Enclave technology, he has managed to seize the Commonwealth's cyborg technology. They have made their headquarters in the Bethesda ruins and a crashed UFO and now advance for the Capitol. Though they believe only the Brotherhood of Steel will pose a threat, the Chaos Knights will prove more than a match for them.

CHK (Good side) (Average Difficulty)
Law enforcers have formed a faction Called CHK, the "Chaos Knights". They had been protecting DC from Super Mutants and were fighting rebels. But with the onslaught of the Dark Orb, they will have to abandon defenses in DC to protect their borders. They are well advanced in all fields of science and have many allies such as CRI, the Police, the BOS, and the New Generation Army. They have managed to create a limited time machine that can only travel to the future and back. It has shown CHK that the Dark Orb poses a serious threat and may change all of history. They have established their base on the opposite side of the lake of the Citadel, near the Irrigated Metro Station.

Pandora Rebels (Independent) (Hard Difficulty)
Rebels are good peple who simply don't want to be part of CHK's so-called "utopia". Under command of Asuka and her lieutenant Zaraki, they protect all those who share their ideology. They have managed to secure bases in various Metro Stations and fortified Raiders bases. Their only ally are the Outcasts of the Brotherhood. They have few men and weaponry and thus rely on robots when embarking on night operations. Bases include the Evergreen Mills and Northwest Seneca Station, though both are currently lightly defended. The only way to reach their main bases, Last Bastion City and Pandora Capitol City, is to traverse Metro Central. The Pandora Rebels rely on deception and make the most of the confusion whenever the Dark Orb attacks CHK. Pulling men to their border means CHK leaves DC an easy target for the Pandora Rebels to seize.

Necromant (Mystic Evil individuals) (Super Hard Difficulty)
Great Master EVILONE founded a school for mystics, human and ghoulish, near Dunwich. When he had gathered many student, he formed the Necromancer faction, using the dead bodies of CHK, Dark Orb and other factions to form his army. Now he is leading his disciples and their armies to take over the world, starting with the Capitol Wasteland. They are mostly skilled in Melee weaponry. They have BIO remade swords and ammo for sniper rifle which makes them a very dangerus opponent. No ghoul will atack a Necromancer!

This music suits the game most in my opinion. Herels a link


Name: Ultimate War mk3
Version: Alfa
Category: Everything
Requirements: Original Fallout 3 game
Main Author(s): IgnacyOrder & Lakword
Main support with scripts and materials team: Spinat, J3X

This Mod changes the whole wasteland into a big battle field of 4 factions. Join one of them and lead that team to victory. Join the Rebels and sabotage and kill your enemies from long range in secret operations. Or join the Necromancers who control ghouls and zombies all over the world with their unique skills. Or join Dark Orb and lead mercenary forces with ruthlessness and use their advanced technology. Or join good forces of CHK and help them bring order into wasteland!

You can buy the summon radio from Moira at Craterside Supply in Megaton (Summon radio depends what team you are)


Known Issues or Bugs
-Prisioners some times like to escape
-Some times when eneter a base it may turn off game (Rare but happends)

You can find me on Fallout3Nexus as IgnacyOrder or you can contact Lakword on Youtube

I wanna thank Spinat and J3X mostly for making theyre mods thanks to them i coulded make mine more realistic and more hard to beat :) also i wanna thanks all peple who helped Spinat maked this weapons and armors. So i downloaded all his credit list

1.G3A3 Assault Rifle v1 by Alexscorpion
2. SWAT for Boys and Girls by steeltooth
3.surlistycs vault security headgear retexture
4. Valhalla Rifle by veliv
5. Valhalla rifle skins by Tory187
6.Silenced_G3_v1_02 by Moraelin
7. P90C BETA by War1982
8. Deep Eyes Armor by tyokio
9. Wearable Backpack - BlackWolf Backpack by bunsaki
10. M2 Browning BETA v1 by Einherjrar
11. Classic P94 Plasma Rifle ver 2 by DaiShiHUN
12. Gas Mask by SirSmokeALot
13. g36c mod by HAL9000
14. Cerberus Protect Gear - Headgear
15. 1337Martyrs_TeslaCannon by 1337martyr
16. M4a1 Beta by Odinsblade14
17. Nitem4re M4A1 Carbine by Nitem4re
18. JaySuS Wolverine Mk II for COMM by JaySuS
19. Classic Fallout Weapons BETA (some of them) by War1982
20. M41a by Mike01010101
21. Classic Tesla Metal Armor by DaiShiHUN
22. Tactical Vest - CIRAS by ohnomelon and bunsaki
23. Warhammer 40k Space Marine armor by cerberos008
24. ST - 50A Power helm Flickones power armor project by Flickone
25. GhOsTs Big Armor Pack by GhOsT51
26. Andragorns Apocalyptic Armoury
27. MP5 SD Special Forces SAS Gas Mask by Mark N
28. Warhammer 40k Cadian kasrkrin shock troopers by Mark N
29. exclusive MP5k by TOXA
30. Dogmeat Husky by Maylena
31. Dogmeat Leather Armor by pintocat
32. Dogmeat Outfits
35. Colossus Headgear by Daejones
36. Alexscorpions Sniper Gear
37. Urban Pants male only by Adam2kl4u
38. Woodland pants male by Adam2kl4u
39:PipBoy screen-glow blue and amber by farbentier
40.ShoulderPad by sin7188
41. Some Cool Baseball Caps v1_1 by grffnhwk
42.NEW WEAPON_addon by toxa01
43.Flash Rifle by WinRIP
GSC Game World - original model
WinRIP - its convert
Sprut - normal map for the gun
Also thanks to hazardic!
44.Camo Uniforms Remix by rebel5555
Thanks to:
- Quarn
- Khyrin
- BeZen
- The Fallout 3 Modding Community
- Bethesda Game Studios for a Great Game
45.Kikais Equipment by Kikaimegami
46.18 inch CS Latin Machete by fext
47.Polish Army Beret by SedPL
48.Ninja Balaclava Ski Mask by sparky84
49.American Assault Rifle to M4A1 Carbine by cocknose and Nitem4re
50.Better Arsenal HK Mark 23
one man "Kimono" army
Fo3 compile and plugin:
51. Frederyck Tactical Weapons by Frederyck1992
52. Some Katanas by necKros
( http://www.fallout3nexus.com/download/file.php?id=5660 )

Very special thanks to J3X for his help and permission to use his enclave commander mod (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1410)
which serves as a basis of mine.

Thanks to Timeslip for creating FallOut Mod Manager
Thanks to Quarn for creating ArchiveinvalidationInvalidated (he and Timeslip definitely deserve a lot of kudos)
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to Fallout3Nexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to Fenix for all the inspiration and the creation of this readme file
Thanks to ShockwaveGT for correcting this Readme file.
Thanks to The Insane Crusader for creating CRI-Logo
Thanks to God for creating us all.
Special thanks to Alexscorpion for maiking great meshes and textures for this mod

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give Spinat and Me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.
Please note that you have to also ask for permission of the people whose works are included in Ultimate War mk2

Have fun!
Ignacy Order

On Some PC this mod may cuse bug with save and load when near Arlington raider camp or Evergreenmiles canyon. To prevent this bug make lots of backup saves or chek first on test save is this bug showing there (I wanted to iron it out but its keep returning)