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Bring back Paladin Bael after Take it Back!

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Bring Back Bael v1.1a
After the Quest "Take it Back!" Paladin Bael, the Sentry Bot, and 3 other unnamed Brotherhood of Steel Knights disappear from the Citadel's entrance. This mod simply re-enables them if they are dead or disabled.

If the player destroyed the Citadel in the quest "Who Dares Wins", Bael is kill-able.

If you are using MMM make sure you are using at least RC 41. There is a problem with previous versions. Otherwise, should work with all other mods.

Copy BringBackBael.esp to your Fallout 3/Data folder and enable the mod.

1. Delete BringBackBael.esp from your Fallout 3/Data folder
2. Place BringBackBaelRemoval.esp in your Fallout 3/Data folder and enable, this file has a script to re-disable the enabled characters.

Change Log
-Added another BoS Knight that has a tendency to disappear on the south side of the Citadel
-Correction to 'evil' condition, function I was using wasn't returning properly.
-Added separate removal esp
- Script to bring actors back is now attached to the Citadel's Front Door only running one time if PC is in front of the Citadel instead of a continuously running Quest script. (Doesn't matter if Bael is guarding the entrance if your PC is in Megaton, why waste CPU cycles?)
- Add condition to quest
- Release

Bethesda - Fallout3 & GECK
ElminsterAU - FO3Edit
Fallout3 GECK wiki - http://geck.bethsoft.com

You are free to modify this mod for your own personal use and include in your own mod as long as credit is given.