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Highly detailed (and high res) version of Tribal/Ashur armor. New helmet and gloves included! Add to your DX collection. Tribal Yell!!

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A high res and much better Tribal armor with more details. Can I just say that it is Tribal armor in "DX" style? (Deluxe)
Yes it includes my new helmet! You will be reward with the helmet when you get the armor reward too.(gloves too) The armor looks more "patched up" now
and the armor is a little less complete than before.
**** The .esp adds a small stat change to the armor as well****

When you find those ignot steel peices and get the armor reward, it will be complete now.
Also you can get in Ashur's personal things if you can open ;)

Besides being high res. (i use Fractals, plugins, effects, filters, and enhancers BTW, NOT the standard "sharpen or contrast!)
Screws and bolts have been added. Skulls are better texture. More metal "patches" added around the armor.
Glass pieces are now "cracked". The useless, broken, heavy tanks on the back of the PA are removed and replaced with awesome emblem and things. (If the armor was complete with functional tanks, then what would be so "Tribal" about it??? it would only be a retex with same PA stats if u had tanks.) **** The ".esp" will also add +10AP and +10Fire Resist to the armor (it IS powerarmor afterall)
Play and see for yourself!

You NEED "The Pitt" DLC . . . and fallout 3 . . . and a computer.

Listen CLOSELY so you dont get (!), red triangles, missing textures.
2.) Put the folders in this Data folder into YOUR data folder and overwrite!
3.) Open FOMM or whatever and try the esp file included!
4.) look like a real badass with your awesome tribal armor!

DELETE these files you pulled out ah

** Extra Notes **
If you are using another mod that changes the MESH of Tribal or Ashur armor you may have the conflict. If you are using a mod that changes the 100 Steel Ignot reward too.
If you experience conflict, change your load order, use archive invalidation, reinstall, or disable the esp and use armor only.

Last week: Lumdeu, and VitorC suggest this armor to me and offer some suggestions.
Also last week: I notice BlueToxic had a similar idea
5/19/2009: Spend a couple hours to make a custom helmet 100% from scratch as well as gloves and a more detailed armor

You already found me if you saw my file and downloaded this!
but you can PM me on the nexus
I really would suggest you to go to to see ALL the action.
at you can see files you wont find on the Nexus, as well as photos
of upcoming mods, and you MAY get your hands on a beta of cool stuff.
Also check out to stay in the loop!

Lumdeu and VitorC for the idea. and BlueToxic for good example of .esp
My PC for being a super badass
My country for having no copywrite laws

Have your people call my people(just message me lets talk about it)

0.) The ".esp" file included is recomended but not NEEDED. If you want your silly backpacks on the back for
some reason, then do not use the .esp file. If you don't use the ESP, then you will not have helmet, and cannot use BoS DX, but the new armor texture will be fine.
1.) I'll give you a KUDOS if you are kind enough to upload your screenshot of this mod to the "Images" ;)
2.) This was made to please ME, not to fit YOUR exact desire (but im sure it will)
3.) If you don't like, dont download! (or rate)
4.) If you have a GOOD suggestion i will listen (trust me i have make many things on request) but
i will probably not change any style to fit your "The Jetsons" ideals
5.) I dont care if you think it does not fit "lore" (insert into your lore-hole)
6.) When you are not playing Fallout i would suggest the BEACH: water, fresh air, fruit drinks...... and bikinis!!!

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