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What the Museum of American History should have looked like. Cleans up the garbage and adds a room for Fawkes the PC can use.

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I was quite disappointed when after sending Fawkes to the Museum he didn't bother fixing it up a bit. It seems to be in his character to preserve history and such. And it's just such a nice structure be covered in junk.

Originally, it was going to work after sending Fawkes off to it. But that didn't work out as planned... So instead of just tidying it off the bat there's a gnome right outside to the right of the door that you can activate at any time to do so. There's a picture of it in case someone has trouble locating it.

Fawkes' room is to the right as you enter.

Installation: Just extract the file to the data folder and activate it.

This IS compatible with Broken Steel. I finally got around to checking it out, from what I can see it's fine. I thought that the addition of Griffon would alter some things. The two really complement each other.