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The first volume of my own brand of "essential" retexs

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This is the second part of a new series. For now it drastically improves textures on two "essential" objects in the game. Ammo boxes, Medkits, Motorcycles, and Footlockers. Sure you have seen others before, but youl LOVE this ;). Those four things are found EVERYWHERE in fallout. Now they will not look like cardboard! Yay! The original textures for them look dull and flat like cardboard(as you can see from the screenshots.) This mod gives extreme details and realistic textures. The purpose of uploading this in .rar for you is becuase you are not a FOOK user. If you use FOOK, then maybe in FOOK 2.0 you don't need this. FOr the players that are not using FOOK, then you really need this.

Nearly EVERYWHERE in Fallout 3. Can you think of a location in FO3 that "doesn't" have Ammo boxes, Medkits, Footlockers?

There are TWO choices of Ammo Boxes to use. In the folder "Essentials Retex Volume 2Datatexturesclutterammo" you will see "50calammo" and "50camammo_OPTIONAL". If you want to use the "OPTIONAL", just delete "_OPTIONAL" to make it into "50calammo"!!

"Essentials" because very important and very common things will have the ultimate retex soon ;)
Check the screenshots and you will see the 180 difference between FO3's textures
and my own flavor. This is just the beginning. I want to hear some request from all you users and then will add many more great retexs of essential, common things in FO3.

1. Extract/copy all files to (install folder)Fallout 3Data

DELETE these files you pulled out ah

May 21: Motorcycles and Footlockers completed

You already found me if you saw my file and downloaded this!
you can PM me on the nexus...

HugePinball for the idea. Me for the improvement. Also ObsidianStag. Some of the details from his better clutter were improved and implement here.

Just message me if you want to consider use something. its cool

1.) Its a wasteland. Everything is dirty. I don't care that it doesnt look new, clean, and dull like the cardboard textures you've been using.
2.) just ask for the fair rating.
3.) if anyone has the problem/error i would like to know ASAP so i can fix!!!
4.) I give kudos to people that upload their own screenshots to my mods....
5.) I take request often so you are free to tell me your ideas!
In fact I'm NOT a "texturer", I do "special FX" best. But everyone seems to like my textures to I'll keep doing that too ^_^