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This adds a new playable race to your game with two options to choose from. This race is male only.

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I AM OFFICIALLY RETIRED FROM MODDING FALLOUT, SO EXPECT NOTHING NEW IN GENERAL AND NO UPDATES FOR THIS MOD. I do however still answer questions and try to help whenever there is a problem with the work that I already released, so I keep on checking my files regularely.

Thank you for your understanding.


(Please update your mod with the fixed esp to v.1.0!)

Please know: This is my first mod for Fallout 3 and I have put a lot of effort into this so far. Please contact me if something does not work rather than rating down rightaway. Still - constructive criticism is much appreciated! :-)

Upload some images here of you like! :-D

The long black "moving with the wind" kind of hair which most of my pics show is a product of my image editing software... Long hair styles are included though! :-)



May 20th: The mod is officially not a beta any more but v.1.0 now.

May 17th: Added a new esp file which you NEED for the mod to work. It does the following:

* No more crashes when the character has been created.
* No more switching back to the hispanic race when the character is 16 years old.
* This changed esp did not affect my old saved character so I do not expect that it affects yours.

May 16th 09: Added a new ReadMe which contains a little more information than the original one which comes with the main file. This is nothing big, I just included everything which you can read here to make sure, you have ALL information. :-)


This is a modification for "Fallout 3". It adds a new race to your game. This race is male only and comes with its own textures, eye meshes and some custom hair styles. When you create a character, you have two choices: You can either play as a "normal" individual or you choose the "hurt" one whose textures are a little bit different.

The "Facticius Humanus" (which means "artificial human", I am going to call it FH from now on.) is born as a human but during his childhood and youth some "changes" have been done to him: Implants are added to his body to increase his strength and endurance, some even replace organs while others are connected to them to make them work in a more perfect way. The original concept of these "tweaked" humans is quite old, there are records who tell about first experiments of this kind during the war. Some scientists and doctors are still convinced that the FH has a higher chance to survive all the dangers, so they continue the experiments and keep on "producing" more and more FHs to ensure the "surviving of humanity" although a FH is not all human any more.

(This race has nothing special like higher stats or special abilities, although the background story would allow it... I enjoy playing a balanced game and the mod has been done mostly for the cosmetic aspect of bringing these textures into the game...)

Maybe you ask yourself why this race is male only... There is a few reasons for it: First off all this mod has been done originally only for myself and I only play male characters. Also there is so many female body mods out there that I really do not want to create matching textures for every single one. Creating the male one has been a lot of work already as most parts of it I have painted by hand. Another reason is that there is many mods for female characters already but only a few for male characters, so this encouraged me to stay with the male only concept. If anyone would like to do a female version of this race for what body mod ever - feel free to contact me and get my permission as I am sure that I would have nothing against it.

I have no idea if the concept of this race is lore friendly or not and actually I do not care that much as creating this race was the easiest way for bringing my textures into the game.


The textures have been based upon Breezes Fallout 3 males, so you need this mod for this race to work and look the right way. Get his mod here:


Make sure that everything is installed the right way and that the armor fix works, otherwise you will get funny texturing...

Breezes male body is compatible with Roberts male body so you can also wear armor and clothing which has been designed for Roberts body. Please know that the texturing changes then though and your character gets the Robert textures then instead of Breezes ones and these do not have my texture work. So it will work, yes, but the implants only show up on Breezes body, Breezes armors and the
vanilla (standard) armor and clothes of course.

And I almost forgot: You need to have this "Archive Invalidation" thing as for all mods. To make sure the textures show up, deactivate it and right after that activate it again right after you installed this mod and right before you start it the first time. You will know this from installing Breezes body mod already.


* Make a backup of your data folder. I always do that before I install a new mod.
* Simply drag and drop the "meshes", "textures" and the .esp on your Fallout3/Data folder and
say "yes" when you get asked to overwrite.
* Now unzip the new fixed .esp for the update to v.1.0 and let it overwrite the existing one.
* Enable the new .esp in your Fallout 3 launcher.
* Done! Have fun!


I got one report that the hair colour of the custom hair is stuck to black. It did not happen to me though. This is something that I have noticed with custom hair on custom races for Oblivion already.
When your character is grown up and is about to leave the vault, open the console and type "Showracemenu" and try to change the hair colour again. It should work then. Sorry about that, there is nothing I can do to get rid of this stupid bug. It happens to some.

There is some things you should know though:

* When you start a new character using that race, the child and the youngster of your character will look all normal. So does your Dad. When the quest starts that you have to leave the vault and you have your final look, the changes appear and you look the "right" way.

* This mod uses Kikaimegamis glowing eyes resource which means the following: The FH uses different eye meshes and a glow map to get your characters eyes glowing. If you are having Kikaimegamis modinstalled already, this one is going to overwrite it which does not matter as it includes exactly the same files. In case you use a customized glow map though, make sure to make a backup of it BEFORE you install this mod as it will replace your glow map with the one coming with this mod, which is the original one of Kikaimegamis mod.
You find her mod here:

There is a viewable neck seam. I cannot change this. I recommend wearing jewellery to hide it.


This mod is NOT a modders resource, which means that you have to get my permission to use any part of it. It also includes the work of others (Take a look at "Credits") and if you want to use some of their work, please ask them as well.

My website: www.mavroshsworld.webs.com
You can also contact me via Fallout3 Nexus or Planet Fallout. I am Mavrosh there as well.


* Breeze582000 for his Male body replacer this was based on
* Kikaimegami for the glowing eyes resource
* Ren for the hair which has been originally created for Oblivion
* Yoshikinakota for bringing Rens hair to Fallout 3
* Dezi for helping me out with the latin translation
* The "Dark Hearts" crew for encouraging me!

(English is not my native language; I apologize for possible mistakes...)