1. SpaceOden
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    PSA: Bumpers rails have been raised!
    Noobies often activate every available plugin and get ctds when they try to load the game with patches for mods they haven't installed, so compatibility patches are now nested in the /Compatibility/ folder.

    Don't like one of our redesigns?
    You can revert any NPC you don't like to vanilla by editing our mod with an editor like FO3Edit and simply deleting the characters you want reverted. Voila! Back to normal.
  2. MaliceofFear
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    Anyone reading around this time in 2017 who uses NMM. If you have the weird white face, black body glitches, update the fallout.ini file to read "bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1" right under STestFile1=Fallout3.esm and use the program version of ArchiveInvalidation available on the Nexus. Do not download it via NMM or use the NMM version. Neither work, download it manually
  3. jammerjim
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    I know they conflict a lot, but the description of Ling's Pretty Things suggests a way to get some of (what was then) Project Beauty's elements and Lings changes to go together (load order and setting Lings as PB's master file using FO3Edit). I'm wondering if anyone ever tried that, and if so what the results were.
  4. JoseSnake
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    No one noticed how this MOD removed some of the fixes from Unofficial Patch.
  5. ack1
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    FOMM is telling me that this MOD needs a script to install correctly.

    What should I do?
  6. lovemetal626
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    what body mod do you guys recommend? or a texture upgrade for the body ?

    right now the characters look funky because the skin tone doesnt match up right, I mean its not an error, they whites have white skin.

    its just the slight tone difference of the body looks strange at the neck because it just jumps to another slightly off color.
  7. VadimKaz
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    does this workj with TTW?
    1. Sonja
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      This is a fairly late reply, but I don't see why it wouldn't be, since I'm actually using this mod in Fallout New Vegas alone.
  8. sqigg
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    I'm a bit confused after un-zipping the file before installing it. When I look at the texture files, they are considerably smaller than textures that I already have installed. If this is HD, why is that ?
  9. ElderBlake
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    Honestly dont know what I am doing wrong. I seem to miss textures, people are purple and sometimes get those red alert signs instead of textures.
    What I did:
    Double checked Archive Invalidation is invalidated
    Made sure no other face mod is conflicting (only Ghoul Retexture is in use and the problems didnt only appear on ghouls)
    Installed Redesigned without any compatibility eps/esm (I use none of the listed mods)
    Switched to the merged Project Beauty.esm
    Installed Blackened EVE - Project Beauty, since I am using EVE
    Made sure the Error is gone when I am not using Redesigned

    I also tried using the three unmerged esp/esm, removing the Ghoul Retex and going without the blackened patch. If it didnt CTD directly it did the same thing as before. Pls help me
  10. sundog005
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    Where did you get the eyes for this mod...best ones i;ve seen, i don't like the face textures on the men much so was using the standard no texture version but that means no cool eyes...any chance you can point me to them or a way to get them in the standard version of the mod. Thank You for making the ugly go away in FO3 otherwise! Awesome.
  11. MissSocialJustice
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    Not sure what my problem is:
    I installed this mod earlier today. It worked perfectly fine.
    I installed fose, and the animation rework mod + iron sight mod. I started a brand new game, using the fose loader exe. When I enter the first cut scene when the player is born, there are huge red and white bars all across the screen, to a point I can't edit or design my characters.
    I wasn't sure which mod was causing this problem, so I disabled and enabled every mod to check. It seems like it is this one that's causing the problem. I deleted this mod, and reinstalled. I have the latest ArchiveInvalid thingy installed too. The problem still exists.
  12. eratas123
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    Probably a dumb question, but how do I get NPC's with new hair like Sydney's tweaked appearance? I have the hair packs installed and am using the optional merged version but she still has the vanilla haircut, though her expression has shifted to look like the one in the image.