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Added: 13/05/2009 - 09:04AM
Updated: 24/07/2015 - 05:46AM

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Last updated at 5:46, 24 Jul 2015 Uploaded at 9:04, 13 May 2009

I no longer have time or desire to update this mod. People are allowed to create compatibility patches for this mod if they link to my original mod page here and credit me in their description.

Name: UWWUT - Unique Weapons With Unique Textures
Category: Models and Textures
Author(s): Drag0ntamer
Source: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6309
Forum: http://www.fookunity.com/forum/showthread.php?t=365
Homepage: http://forum.fookunity.com/forumdisplay.php?f=92

Tired of unique weapons looking EXACTLY the same as their normal counterparts? Well, this mod aims to solve this by changing all the vanilla unique weapons to have their own unique textures. They all now have textures with greater detail/resolution now.

1. Unrar .rar to your Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Fallout 3/Data folder.
2. Activate the UWWUT.esp.
3. Activate any UWWUT addons you need.
4. Use FOMM to run Archive Invalidation and enjoy!

Your load order should look like this...

UWWUT - The Pitt Addon.esp
UWWUT - Broken Steel Addon.esp
UWWUT - WMK Addon.esp



Note, the addons labeled with WT are addons that add The 3rd Type's weapon stats to my mod while retaining my textures. You only need to use these, pick between these and the normal UWWUT addons using vanilla Fallout 3 stats.

Also note that in order to use the UWWUT - WMK Addon you will need Weapon Mod Kits by Antistar installed and loaded before all the UWWUT .esps.

1. Remove all textures/meshes associated with UWWUT. They can be found in the following directory...

data\textures\weapons\Unique Weapons

data\meshes\weapons\Unique Weapons

2. Uncheck/Remove the UWWUT.esp

3. Uncheck/Remove the UWWUT addons.

This mod will not be compatible with any mod that changes the unique weapon textures or meshs.

7.19.09 Version 1.5
Various texture/mesh fixes. Added The 3rd Types addons to support his stats with my textures. UF3P addon is no longer necessary.

6.14.09 Version 1.4
Updated many older textures in addition to adding all DLC and unused uniques.

5.24.09 Version 1.3
Added a WMK patch and some missing textures.

5.17.09 Version 1.2
Fixed some textures issues and added a FOOK compatible version.

5.16.09 Version 1.1
Fixed some issues with normal maps/texture problems.

5.15.09 Version 1
1st Release

To contact me PM if you have any issues or questions on the official Bethesda Forums or here on the Fallout 3 Nexus forums. My name is Drag0ntamer on both boards.

Antistar: Making WMK/Help with WMK addon
The 3rd Type: Making UWWUT_WT versions to support WT stats with my textures
KhaosKnight: UWWUT_WT - WMK Addon
MadCat221: Plasma Rifle Mesh
Attentater5: GECK Help/Original Concept

You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod.