Elder Lyons Robe Fix by Ryu Doppler
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Added: 13/05/2009 - 07:08AM
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Last updated at 2:30, 14 May 2009 Uploaded at 7:08, 13 May 2009

= Elder Lyons Robe Fix =

Author: Ryu Doppler

Version: v1.0

= Details : Ryu Doppler =

This is a Mesh fix for the Elder Lyons robe that was created to address several problems with the standard Outfit.

The problems addressed with this outfit fix include:

1. Attaches PipboyOn/PipboyOff portions to the mesh to allow use of the outfit with Pipboy equiped Npcs/Characters.
2. Seperates the Arms from the Upperbody mesh for use in First Person without clipping from the rest of the body.
3. Adds dismemberment Meat caps for proper appearance of dismembered portions (plug in the holes from lack of original Meat Caps). *See extra notes*
4. Added a female version of the Mesh for female NPCs/Characters.
5. Created a new Pipboy Icon for the outfit for the item Menu.
6. Created a simple Ground Object mesh (GO) for the outfit.

Although this fix is primarly designed arounded just enabling the general use of the mesh, an instance of the Outfit has been added to the game world for players to obtain normally without needing to reverese-pickpocket Elder Lyons or add it via the console (though there is nothing of course stopping players from doing so if they really want). This extra outfit is in Owen Lyons bedroom at the Citadel (in Ring B I believe). You'll find it near one of the dressers on the floor.

= Extra Notes =

I'm currently experiencing a small problem when it comes to dismemberment Meat Caps. Sometimes there will appear to be glitched body meat caps attached to the Limb meat caps. I'm not certain if this is just a general problem (I've had it occur on a few default meshes before as well) or if it's something that appears from exporting Meat caps but it would be nice to know it there is a solution to this small glitch.

= Installation =

Assuming that all mod invalidation settings are already accounted for:

Just Copy and paste the RD_ElderLyonsRobe.esp, Meshes and Textures Folders from the extracted archive into your installed "Fallout 3/Data" directory and you should be set.

= Uninstallation =

Remove the following files from your subfolders within the "Fallout 3/Data" Directory. They Are:


= Permissions and Usage =

My simple request for any modding usage stemming from this mod's contents is simply the credit for the work I did. Just a single line of recognition in the credits is all. Although thats all I ask here (at current) I would definitely be much more appreciative if one would also link back to this mod as well in credits if they would. You can also contact me to ask or to let me know you're going to be using the mod too as well if you would want.

= History =

v1.0 - Elder Lyons Robe, Outfit pieces seperated, Meatcaps created, Pipboy portions created, Icon created, GO mesh created, Female Mesh created, ESP created.

= Credits =

Thanks to Me, Ryu Doppler for creating this Elder Lyons Robe Fix.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to Fallout3Nexus.com, for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.