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Heavy duty large caliber area suppression weapon

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Note: All older files have been deleted. Please use V1.3 and not any of the other ones if you've already downloaded them. Location hints and access codes for the autocannon can be found in the super duper market.

Update 3: Version 1.3 out. Cleaned up the file structure, fixed the animations somewhat, replaced the firing sound with a much meatier boom and also included the nuclear variant of the Eradicator with a different sort of texture.

Update 2: Added a new reload animation. Place the kf files in the folder Data\meshes\characters\_male to install them. Currently only works with the semi-automatic version of the esp file.

Update: Added new esp file for improved behavior of the autocannon. Spin up time removed to allow for one click firing, velocity of shell increased to allow for straighter ballistic path and increased force imparted to anything hit by the autocannon.

High Res textures now available for download. Still very shiny.

An early beta of the large caliber Eradicator Autocannon built to provide heavy duty saturation and suppression fire for those large encounter mods when you just need to lay the smackdown. Carries 9 60mm high explosives shells in a drum magazine.

Textures are a bit crappy, but I'm new to that kind of work.

Joint work between me and Metalfreak_42

Extract to data directory in the Fallout folder. Current setup means you won't have the normal maps which are in a folder of their own, but that's because it made things too shiny. If you want the normal maps or notice really odd texture corruptions on the backpack, simply transfer the contents of the Normal_Maps folder into textures\weapons\2handhandle

Two mod files available. One with backpack, one without.


A note clue in the Super Duper market will lead you to a place in minefield where you can find the autocannon and manufacture more shells for it.

Known issues
- Clipping with leg. Can't be helped. The weapon's just built that way.
- Possible texture corruption issue requiring the normal maps.

Forgot to take screenshots of weapon in game. Will correct that later.

If you're in a hurry, or in the event that I've screwed up the spawn locations, the item codes are:

Autocannon **000ba7
Ammo **082c98