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RR_Raptor65 and biomech

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model resource containing the cloverfield parasite (with sounds) and the arachnid model based off of starship troopers

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2nd UPDATE 6/17/2009. the parasite model has been decompiled and uploaded as a .smd file(s).
its in 2 seperate folders though because its 2 different decompiles. one decompile is from a gmod ragdoll version the other from a HL2 fast zombie replacment. the next step is for somebody to import it into a model program like 3dsmax or blender (the model was made in blender not sure if that matters though)

UPADATED INFO on the arachnid at the bottom of the page as of 6/17/2009

this is a model resource containing the cloverfield parasite (comes with sounds and textures) made by RR_Raptor65 and the arachnid model based off of starship troopers movie made by biomech. (note the arachnid model is NOT a rip from the starship troopers game its made from scratch. just had to clarify that)

the archnid model is in 3dsmax format and .smd format
and the parasite is in hl2/gmod .mdl format so before either can be used they both must be converted into a fallout 3 useable model file (.nif format) or into a AND/OR into a 3dsmax or blender readable format (.smd or .3ds) (the aracnid is already in 3dsmax format). either way is ok.

the reasons im uploading this is to help out beth forum member ninjagaidan1 and martigen for the MMM mod and because the fallout 3 mod community was granted permission to use these models by the models makers but nobody uploaded them.

martigen is looking for somebody to get these models ingame and animated so he can add them to MMM. if you can get them in game you will be credited.

ALSO if you use the models in a mod please remember to credit BIOMECH for the arachnid and RR_Raptor65 for the parasite

and if you are a oblivion modder you have permission to also use the models as well for a OB mod.

and if anyone successfully converts the models please upload them to nexus.

Update info on the archnid:
i have just been informed from ninjagaidan1 that saidenstorm said that the arachnid model is in Max form BUT its not structured in a manner thats compatable with FO3 and would have to have its structure somepletely re-created and re-animated so all of the included files are worthless past the model itself.
in other words it cant be used as a creature in FO3 but you can still play around with the model though.