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The crow\'s nests of Megaton now actually house snipers that will aid passing merchants, Wastelanders and you. Made with mods like MMM in mind.

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WARNING: Do NOT upgrade Fallout 3 to version 1.5+ if you use a lot of mods unless you use FO3Edit and create a Merged Patch, especially mods in Megaton. I have now released a version (1.0) that should work fine with Fallout 3 v1.7.

Megaton Tweaks - Snipers Edition
This mod sprouted from an idea that hit me after I found the corpse of my favorite merchant, Crow, crumpled up right against the exterior walls of Megaton. I use a wide variety of mods (FOOK, CFW, MMM, etc.) and play on Very Hard with more customized mods tossed in for good measure to give me a challenge. That's fine for me, but not so good for the innocent NPCs trying to stay alive!

So, here you have my first mod dealing with NPCs and scripts. It is quite simple at its heart, but was more of a challenge than you might expect. It adds 5 additional snipers to the walls of Megaton to help out Stockholm.

It doesn't just stop there though. I'm attempting to make this feel like a natural part of the game, so these snipers are scripted with some basic AI and I might get more complicated with them as I update this mod.

Also, since the mod is built on the base of the most excellent Megaton Tweaks by dragon0421 (with his gracious permission), there's that much more detail and playability to the otherwise stale crow's nests of Megaton.

Climb up into a crow's nest and you've basically relieved one of the guards. That sniper may head to the Common House and perhaps take a nap, or go grab a meal at the diner, etc. And you won't be crowded up in the crow's nest.

I have not altered the Megaton Entrance sniper Stockholm because I wanted to make sure I kept this mod as compatible as possible with other mods now and in the future. I have used the original Megaton Tweaks for months and combine it in my long mod list with a half-dozen Megaton mods. All work very well together and so I believe this particular mod to be a safe and quality base to use for the addition of snipers to Megaton.


1) 5 unique, geared and balanced snipers added to Megaton. 2 of them will sell you something.

2) Snipers may be armed with anything from a hunting rifle to a plasma rifle based on a custom randomized level list. They will get better geared as the game progresses.

3) The snipers exist in the world of Megaton; they are not just cheap decoration. They eat, sleep and even take restroom breaks. They sometimes patrol, other times wander or loiter, and anything that happens to them on the inside or outside of Megaton is reflected correctly on the opposite side. (i.e. Sniper is killed on the walls outside then he will not appear alive when you enter Megaton. If a sniper is sleeping inside he will not be manning a crow's nest outside, etc.)

4) Snipers idle and patrol randomly and defend Megaton inside AND out.


The original Megaton Tweaks is NOT required if you install Megaton Tweaks - Snipers Edition. Disable it if you are already using it.

This mod should work with any version of FO3. Compatibility issues with other mods might arise, but I have attempted to keep this as customized-game friendly as possible.

I highly recommend using this alongside Mart's Mutant Mod for the most enjoyment.

Recommended (not required) mods are listed further below.

ORIGINAL MEGATON TWEAKS (v1.28 - no podium)

More details on the base mod upon which this idea was built may be found here:

If you enjoy my mod, be sure to give ratings and kudos to dragon0421m, too.

The original Megaton Tweaks is NOT required if you install Megaton Tweaks - Snipers Edition. Disable it if you are already using it.


1. Place 'Megaton Tweaks - Snipers Edition.esp' into the 'Data' folder within your Fallout 3 directory.

2. When you start up Fallout 3, click the Data Files option on the launcher
and check 'Megaton Tweaks - Snipers Edition.esp'.

A recommended load order is further down this page. Load after any Master files (.esm). This mod should cause few conflicts with most mods unless they directly mod


Delete 'Megaton Tweaks - Sniper Edition.esp'.


The greatest challenge for me in making this mod was learning how to script NPCs, getting the snipers to stay in their crow's nests and to make sure that they didn't

accidentally fall out of them. I believe I have succeeded for the most part, but I haven't play-tested this mod for more than a few days.

All the new snipers are on 3 day re-spawn, so if they do somehow die to hostiles, player or NPC, they will not be gone forever. Perhaps they are androids?!

If you enter one of the crow's nests yourself from inside Megaton, that guard will be relieved and go about his/her business in town for a couple of hours or more in some

cases, or only briefly in others. The behavior is dependent on their schedules. However, their behavior is not always predictable and some actions just might surprise you.

The snipers should always return to their crows nests, given enough time.

The snipers should defend Megaton against all typically hostile predators (raiders, Talon Co., Deathclaws, etc.).

In some cases the weapons used will be randomized from spawn to spawn.


1.0 - I'm back and so is an upgrade that works with FO3 v1.7. This will probably be the last update I make to this mod. I give permission to others to improve upon the work I started here and use in your own mods as long as I'm given credit.

0.8 - Synchronized AI packages inside and out.

Level/stat adjustments on all snipers.

Energy tweaks in AI Data.

MegatonSniperFaction created. Raiders added to enemy -- this fixed Sonya's lack of aggro on enemy coming through gate!

Fixed a bug with the bed in the 2nd story of the Common House that is *in the Vanilla game* and NOT caught by any unofficial or official patches (to the best of my knowledge). This bug kept NPCs from actually using the bed when a player is watching the pathing AI do its job. The space between the open door and the bed was too small in the 2nd floor bedroom.

Added spawns for more action around Megaton (and sometimes even inside). These are not overdone.

0.7 - Detroit interior nest positioning tweaked. New sleeping quarters for Altaire and Ruger. Significant script and behavior improvements.

0.6 - Fixed release. Added versions of the snipers visible on the interior of Megaton, not just the exterior. Lifecycle schedules and more.

0.5 - First release, but scrapped after only a few minutes after finding several key issues.


Tweak the AI of the snipers to be even more realistic by adding unique dialogue elements, etc.

Possibly add a couple more surprises to Megaton to flesh out the town.


In very rare instances, exiting Megaton at the same point as a sniper comes up on his schedule to sleep may set the outside reference to the sniper into a perpetual "ghost" loop, evidenced by blinking of that character. Entering Megaton again should fix the issue.


Respawning snipers after dying might pose issues, as I have not fully tested these elements. After players put this mod to use, I will use feedback to further check and improve any such issues, as they arise.

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dragon0421m, creator of the original Megaton Tweaks, without which this mod probably never would have been created.

Bethesda, for creating a great if too buggy game that modders make better.

Interplay, for creating Fallout in the first place, one of my most beloved game series of all-time.

All the modders and players out there in the Nexus community. This one is for you.