Genetically modified miniature mirelurks by RunningBare
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Added: 28/04/2009 - 11:48AM
Updated: 28/04/2009 - 03:46PM

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Last updated at 15:46, 28 Apr 2009 Uploaded at 11:48, 28 Apr 2009

For the New Improved genetically modified lurks go here http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6267
The megaton home now has the option of 3 different locations, 1. the corner like the one shown here, 2. where the bobblehead machine was located, that's been moved sideways, 3. upstairs where the Nukavending machine was if you purchased it, you will now find that in the bedroom.

Thanks to Tftrashcan for the video.

Also see images

A couple of technical things, slight change in navmesh but only in that corner and the floor above same corner, this should present no problem as the navmesh was running under solid statics anyway, not like you get many NPC's running around in those corners.

The lurks use a patrol package to swim around the tank, I have a script running that checks their position once every second, the reason for this is AI's have an aversion to tight spaces so they had a tendency to pop out of the tank, if this occurs the script will promptly put them back in the tank.

A slight warning, if you hit the tank with a powerful weapon then the AI get screwed up and start walking around on the bottom of the tank as though there is no water, this can sometimes be remedied with a 1 hour wait, but why would you want to shoot these cute lil things?

The Lurks are SetGhost 1, this means they will not show up on your radar, it seemed pointless having two extra blips for pets.

I might go further with this mod, but presently it was just done to see what was possible with water, scaled down creatures and the navmesh, I've had this running several hours with dogmeat indoors and have seen no bad side effects, the black mat by the door is now permanent btw, so no matter which theme you have it will always be there.

On the subject of house themes, apart from that mat, no other aspect of any theme has been touched, so this mod should work with all themes, that's the reason I tucked the tank out of the way in the corner, that corner has no theme effects.

Please feel free to use this mod in your own mods, but please give me credit, one thing I do ask, please don't use it for silly things like miniature swimming deathclaws or NPC's, if you do, don't give me credit! ;-)