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HDR in this mod stands for Hi-res, Darker and Rusted Pipboy.

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HDR Pipboy v1.0

By Nopheros

HDR in this mod stands for Hi-res, Darker and Rusted Pipboy. This mod is meant to do exactly what the name implies: to retexture the Pipboy without straying too far from vanilla concept but with higher resolution textures and make it looks like the wasteland has almost gotten the best of it.

1. If you haven't done this, make sure to set binvalidateolderfiles=1 in Fallout.ini.
2. Extract textures folder into \Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data\
3. This step is unneccessary, but just in case:

If you don't have archiveinvalidation.txt in your Fallout 3 folder then copy & paste the file given. Else just add:


at the end of your archiveinvalidation.txt.

Known issues:
The texture is only made for english version only. No other version is currently planned but you could try to move the pipboyarm01.dds into your native language folder instead.

You can use this mod as you wish and no permission needed as long as proper credit is given.