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Adds seven new types of Nuka-Cola to the game, as well as ice cold versions of all of them. It also edits the stats for the regular and Quantum Nuka-Cola.

Permissions and credits
After having used Skykappa's Nuka-Cola House Theme, I decided it was high time I made a few adjustments of my own to the Nuka-Cola franchise.

This mod includes seven new types of Nuka-Cola (Cherry, Fusion, Clear, Burst, Black, Frost, and Heat) as well as ice cold versions for all of the Nuka-Cola in the game. It also edits a few stats for the regular and Quantum varieties.

Huge amounts of credit to Skykappa for his textures being used in the mod, as well as teaching me how to create my own.

I'm very rarely online anymore and, while Fallout 3 remains one of my very favorite games, I've mostly moved on to other games and other projects. Sadly, this means I won't be releasing any future updates to the mod. I don't have the time or the inspiration to continue work on it.

Update: 2/21/14

As of today I am officially discontinuing work on this mod. I haven't touched in close to two years now and realize that I no longer have the time nor the desire to continue work on it. If someone else would like to pick up where I left off, please contact me.

v1.0: Adds five new flavors.
v1.1: Flavors can be found at vendors and throughout the Wasteland.
v1.2: Pristine Nuka-Cola Machines can make all sodas ice cold.
v1.3: Reduces file-size and balances the stats.
v1.4: Makes the Clear, Cherry, etc. Colas actually show up. I had forgotten that those had two textures each. Sorry, everyone!
v1.5: Adds two new flavors of Cola, Frost and Heat.

Just a few notes:
1. The Pristine Nuka-Cola Machines in the Tenpenny Suite and Megaton House are able to make all of the varieties of Cola cold. I'm not sure if pristine machines in other houses (houses gained through mods) are able to do this, but the Megaton and Tenpenny ones work for sure.

2. All varieties can be found in vending machines in the wasteland, and at vendors with the same frequency of regular Nuka-Cola. (Excluding Quantum, as that would make the Nuka-Cola Challenge far too easy.)

3. The textures in this mod will replace all other Nuka-Cola textures, unless you're already using Skykappa's textures.

Currently Working On:
Nothing. This mod has be discontinued.

Bugs/Other Such Non-Sense

1. This mod is not compatible with other mods that change the way the Pristine Nuka-Cola machines in Tenpenny and Megaton function.

2. I'm not exactly sure if this will work with Skykappa's house theme, or other Nuka-Cola mods. It most likely won't.

3. Ice Cold Nuka-Cola Quantums do NOT work with the Nuka-Cola Challenge quest.

Thanks for downloading, and feel free to suggest your own flavors!

P.S. Feel free to PM me if you have any problems with the mod, I'll happily reply.

Copyright: Nuka-Cola copyright to Bethesda Studios. New textures for original Nuka-Cola and Quantum copyright to Skykappa, as well as Clear, Fusion, and Cherry textures. All other textures/work copyright AfroSlayer