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The purpose is to let you change Dogmeat\'s look without changing other dogs. A mesh (dogmeatskin.nif) that points to different textures (dogmeatskin.dds), so that replacing Dogmeat\'s textures only affects him.

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Dogmeat - Steak Edition

****** 4/21/09 Please Note: I've just noticed this uses the name mesh name as Dogmeat Outfits. Still compatible with Dogmeat Leather Armor though. I will update tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience. (note that their esp's will be incompatible either way, since only one can change Dogmeat.) *****

What is it?
The purpose is to let you change Dogmeat's look without changing other dogs. A mesh (dogmeatskin.nif) that points to different textures (dogmeatskin.dds), so that replacing Dogmeat's textures only affects him.

German Shepherd can be used with Dogmeat Leather Armor v1.1, just don't use the esp in the German Shepherd download.
  • If you don't have any mods that alter Dogmeat, the included esp will work. It will make Dogmeat the only one that is a German Shepherd.
  • If you have a mod that alters Dogmeat already, you will have to modify that mod if you want Dogmeat to be the only one... instructions below in HOW-TO.
  • If you have a mod that alters Dogmeat and you don't care if Dogmeat and all dogs look the same, you can choose not to use the esp and just rename the texture to overwrite dog.dds.
  • If you use compatible mods (like the dogmeat armor), you don't need the included esp.
  • This mod has two parts:
  • Part 1 is a modder's resource, to be used by any mod that changes Dogmeat's stats, AI, etc.
  • Part 2 is a player's resource, which will include an array of replacer furs. I have for now uploaded a German Shepherd pack--it is NOT stolen from alienslof, the textures are already in the vanilla game bsa, they're just not used. This part is not finished yet, but will include at least 4 furs and 5 eyes when released. I expect to have it down within a few days. Part 2 when released will be a Fallout Mod Manager scripted installed, so when activating, it will ask you a series of questions to make it idiot-proof, complete with pictures of each option. For example: What body shape? Dog, vicious, puppy, vicious puppy. What fur? Default mutt, vicious/ghoul, snow dog, one-eyed dog, one eyed dog 2 (scars on body). What eyes? Yellow, blue, one yellow one blue, vicious, one dead.

The reason is, as the game is right now, Dogmeat by default shares a model and texture with other dogs.

Dogmeat and all dogs use dogskin.nif. Dogskin.nif (model) points to dog.dds (texture). If you replace dog.dds, you change Dogmeat along with other dogs. In order to have Dogmeat unique, you need to do two things: you need to give him a custom mesh to point to a different set of textures, and you need a plugin file to make him use that new mesh.

The modder's resource part is a set of pre-made meshes, textures, and a plugin file. All you need to do is install this mod, then replace dogmeatskin.dds texture with the one you want*. If you have no mods that alter Dogmeat, the included esp in the download is all you need. If you have a mod that changes dogmeat, you will need to alter it. Instructions below on how to edit an existing plugin to use these meshes. (*If you have a mod that alters Dogmeat, like his AI, the plugin is incompatible, in which case you or the modder will need to edit that mod's plugin to make it use this system. As long as the textures and meshes from this pack are included in your mod for download, it's transparent to your users.)

A list on the bottom of the page lists a bunch of Dogmeat mods and textures, and their compatibility status.

The next version of Dogmeat Leather Armor will utilize this.

The currently released modder's resource can be utilized by players, as well. If you can open the GECK, all you have to do is change the ModelList for Dogmeat. The modder's resource also includes a bare-bones esp file--if you don't use any Dogmeat mods at all, but still want Dogmeat to be unique, you can use that esp and replace the textures as detailed below.

Why? What does this mean to you?
Say you're using a mod to improve Dogmeat's AI, such ar Phalanx. Now say you want to make Dogmeat into a German Shepherd.

Or, say you're not using any Dogmeat mods at all, but don't want every dog to look like Dogmeat, but want him to be unique.

Your options are:
  1. use nifskope, create a mesh for dogmeat, and then use the GECK to make that mod use the new model. This will give Dogmeat a unique look without changing other dogs, but requires work, and if that mod updates, you will need to do it again.
  2. simply replace the textures, which will change Dogmeat but also ALL normal dogs too.

How will this mod fix the problem?
Dogmeat and dogs by default all use dogskin.nif, dog.dds, and dog_n.dds.
The modder's resource is a differently named set of meshes that point to differently named textures. This means you can replace THOSE textures, and if your mod points to the new textures, a player can just change Dogmeat's look at will.

How does it work?
A plugin makes Dogmeat use the alternate meshes included. These alternate meshes point to different texture paths. All you need to do then, is change the new textures. This way, Dogmeat gets a new look, while other dogs stay the same. (Included are copies of his default so he will still work even if you don't change his texture).
For the modder:
Include the modder's resource in your Dogmeat mod: dogmeatskin.nif, dogmeateyes.nif, dogmeatskin.dds, dogmeatskin_n.dds, dogmeateyes.dds, and dogmeateyes_n.dds.

Then in Dogmeat's ModelList, uncheck dogskin.nif and eyessetoneblue.nif, and check dogmeatskin.nif and dogmeateyes.nif.

For the player:
Even if the Dogmeat mod you use doesn't incorporate this method, you can still benefit by not having to NIFskope meshes yourself just to get Dogmeat looking unique by editing the .esp yourself.

I will have a compilation of dog skins and textures with a scripted installer in FOMM soon, which means you activate the FOMOD, and it will ask you, with pictures, how you want Dogmeat to look.

Also can be manually done, just as you would with Dogmeat anyway, except instead of replacing dog.dds, you replace dogmeatskin.dds.

HOW TO use these meshes
  1. Open the GECK, check the file you're editing, click Set as Active File, click ok.
  2. Expand the tree in Objects window: Actors->Creatures->Animal->Dog
  3. Double-click FFEU255Dogmeat
  4. Use the arrows to scroll the tabs over to ModelList (The tabs start with Traits, Stats, Factions...)
  5. Click ModelList tab
  6. Uncheck the models eyessetoneblue.nif and dogskin.nif
  7. Check dogmeateyes.nif and dogmeatskin.nif
  8. Click OK
  9. Save the plugin

Listing of known Dogmeat mods
I will list them by texture replacer, mesh replacer, additional mesh, and plugin (AI, stats, etc in an .esp)

  • Texture replacers are straightforward. Rename their dds files to dogmeatskin.dds and dogmeatskin_n.dds (if it has a _n normal map).
  • Meshes won't work with this. I am working on it so this mod will include the Vicious Dog and Puppy meshes, but for now using one of those will only let you use its default texture.
  • Extra Meshes work fine, you just are using extra nifs. Instead of checking dogmeatskin.nif and dogmeateyes.nif, you'd check dogmeatskin.nif, dogmeateyes.nif, and dogarmorleather.nif, for example.
  • Plugin files are not compatible out of the box. They need to be updated/changed. The upcoming versions of Dogmeat Leather Armor and Phalanx will both include support for this mod.
  • Multiple plugins won't be compatible with each other, so even if Phalanx and Dogmeat Leather Armor both support this Unique Dogmeat mod, plugins still conflict with EACH OTHER. Only one plugin can alter Dogmeat (last loaded "wins").
  • A mod may be in multiple categories. For example Phalanx changes Dogmeat's AI and also has another dog with different skins. Shaikujin's dogmeat armor is a texture but also changes AI. Etc. Read up the individual mod. However it is possible to use a texture from a mod without using its plugin.

Currently known textures:
  1. Dogmeat (vanilla default mutt)
  2. Alsatian/German Shepherd (in vanilla BSA, unused)
  3. Vicious dog (vanilla)
  4. One Eye Dog by Casehard
  5. One Eye Dog 2 by Casehard
  6. MAD MAX Dogmeat retex by Xio
  7. Dogmeat Husky by Maylena
  8. Eyebrow Dogmeat by Sin7188
  9. Snow Dog Retexture by Azar
  10. JNF Mad Max Dog and Gun by Jedininjafuq
  11. mjy Armor texture for Dogmeat by mjy
  12. Rainbow Dogmeat by fuzzy181
  13. Shaikujins_Chrome_Dogmeat_Armour by shaikujin
  14. All Phalanx Modules (contains a robot K-9) by Tarrant (textures by drag0ntamer)
  15. Marts Mutant Mod BETA 4 by Martigen

Currently known meshes:
  1. Dogmeat/Dog (vanilla mutt)
  2. Vicious dog (vanilla)
  3. A Puppy by Zenl
  4. Marts Mutant Mod BETA 4 by Martigen (has a Vicious puppy)

Currently known extra meshes:
  1. Dogmeat Outfits by gorow333
  2. Dogmeat Leather Armor by pintocat

Currently known plugin files that support this mod (TESTED Note that only one can be used still!)):
  1. Dogmeat Leather Armor by pintocat, starting with version 1.1

Currently known plugin files that support this mod (Have NOT tested but I expect it will. Note that only one can be used still!)):
  1. 0h Followers Hire by Jalor
  2. A Dogmeat PackMule Mod by Greyfox
  3. Dogmeat Essential Token by Mojodajojo
  4. Passive speech STFU by Acleacius
  5. Quieter Dogmeat by cheddarpop

Currently known plugin files that support DO NOT this mod (Have NOT tested, but if incompatibile will need to be edited to allow a unique Dogmeat. Note that only one can be used still!):
  1. Shaikujins_Chrome_Dogmeat_Armour by shaikujin (will need more than plugin editing due to the way the armor is set up to use the plugin portion, but the texture can still be used without the dynamic changes.)
  2. All Phalanx Modules by Tarrant (will support this in next version)
  3. Phalanx Obedient Dogmeat by Tarrant (will support this in next version)
  4. Better Dogmeat by Slyvena
  5. Better DogMeat Compainoin by Bryan Pearce
  6. Companion Behaviour Overhaul v1_4_1 by christophkk
  7. Dogmeat - Hide Damn It by Acleacius
  8. Dogmeat Overhaul by monkeykiller77
  9. Dogmeat13 eng_ger by Biopreparat
  10. Dread Dogmeat by DreadChaos
  11. Followers Revised - RL-3 and Dogmeat by MadGeneral
  12. Improved Dogmeat by MrTi
  13. Remote Control Companions by b3w4r3