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This mod turns Lucy West into a companion with voice and lip synced dialog. She can be hired after successfully completing the \"Blood Ties\" quest.

Permissions and credits
Lucy West Companion V1.51
Please remember to ENDORSE THIS MOD, it only takes a few minutes of your time and motivates me to add more features.

Note: If upgrading from any previous version of Lucy West Companion you MUST follow the upgrade instructions located towards the end of this description. If you are having trouble getting the initial recruitment dialog please start a new game or load a save game fresh out of vault 101. Please remember that other mods can conflict with Lucy West Companion which is no fault of this mod and please read the FAQ section.

If you like this mod please checkout my other work -
"The Family" Brianna Companion: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7408

Lucy West Companion is to be included in the followers package of FOOK 2.0!

Screenshot Info
The outfit shown in unique weapon images is done by DIMON99 and can be found here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6073

Recommended Mods
I recommend checking out Mini Hideout - Player Home by Rayek (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6394) as it is an excellent player home that has a level of quality you don't often find in mods.

This mod turns Lucy West into a companion with voice and lip synced dialog. She can be hired after successfully completing the "Blood Ties" quest via an average difficulty level speech check, the Lady Killer perk or Black Widow perk. Her tag skills are energy weapons, melee weapons and sneak. I decided on energy weapons since I always choose small guns for myself and usually end up with a truckload of energy weapon ammo lying around, plus c'mon lets be serious did you really want yet another small guns companion? Her starting weapon is a switchblade which you'll want to replace ASAP I'd imagine.

Lucy West Companion has the following features:
- Voice & lip synced dialog
- Levels with the player
- Energy weapons, melee weapons & sneak as tag skills
- Cooking services once a day based on player level (quest unlockable)
- Dialogue option to heal crippled limbs inside & outside of combat (quest unlockable)
- Essential option via dialogue
- Unique upgradable unlimited ammo weapon which can be added via dialogue
- Auto heals after combat and uses stimpaks during combat if available
- Ability to set her home location via dialogue
- Will follow you into most house mods immediately
- Should head home to rest when you enter Vault87 during the MQ (instead of firing herself)
- Standard follower options (combat style, distance, trade, go home & rest etc)
- Gives ownership of her house to you while hired
- A wait sandbox AI and home sandbox AI
- Can wear Power Armour
- Teleports to you when entering another interior cell if unintentionally seperated

Lucy's default home is her megaton house, you'll need to change it via dialogue if you're wanting to use her as a live in NPC for your house. Once fired she'll head back to megaton and use her own house to sleep in. You can re-hire her at any time once fired by speaking with her (no speech check on re-hire). Once hired you are free to slaughter Arefu residents without Lucy getting annoyed at you, in fact she'll gladly help since her loyalty is now with you rather than Arefu residents. If you go on an Arefu killing spree before hiring Lucy you cannot hire her.

Lucy has access to two unique unlimited ammo weapons, she comes with Venom Spitter MKI, a laser pistol that fires dual green laser beams with green disintegration effects. You can upgrade this weapon to Venom Spitter MKII via her questline, which is a laser rifle that fires dual green laser beams and also has green disintegration effects. Access to the unlimited ammo weapon is via dialogue.

Currently she doesn't have any idle chatter when following you on your travels, I couldn't find any voice dialogue that I thought was suitable and I prefer the "easy on the ears" option anyway.

Feedback, opinions, bug reports and feature requests are greatly appreciated.

Q. Does this mod work with Project Beauty?
A. No, you'll need to follow the excellent instructions posted by Zeruel241 (see project beauty compatability below)

Q. So why doesn't this work with Project Beauty?
A. Well this is detailed but here goes, editing wise facegen data is assigned the same subgroup as npc level, ai packages and other stats, meaning if I add the ability for Lucy to sandbox around a home or ensure she levels with the player the game will also think I've modified Lucy's face (even though I haven't) simply because its in the samesubgroup as stats. Hence the game will use my mods version of Lucy's face even though it is actually untouched.

The reverse of this will also hold true, Project Beauty will always change the stats and ai packages of npcs back to vanilla even though the author never directly touches them (I have no idea if the author is aware of this).

Project Beauty Compatability Instructions by Zeruel241
There is a somewhat simple way to change Lucy's face to the Project Beauty version, though you will want to make sure not to mess up and save :P

You will need to get FO3Edit first. Run it and open both Project Beauty and the Lucy West Companion mod (do not select any others). In either mod, find the Non-Player character subdirectory (LWC will be easier, since Lucy will be the only entry in NPC section), and select Lucy West.

On the right side of the screen you will see the info for Lucy as it pertains to Fallout3.esm and both mods. At the bottom of the lists you will notice a section for FaceGen Data. Copy the entries in Project Beauty into LWC by single clicking the entries in Project Beauty to make the data alterable, copy, click on the corresponding line in LWC as above and paste over the original data. (FO3Edit will likely produce a gigantic warning message when you start to do this that might make you ponder if you have a virus for a moment; just hit okay and make sure you copy and paste everything correctly.)

When you are done copying all three lines over save the LWC plugin. If you did everything correctly, Lucy's face in LWC should be exactly the same in Project Beauty! I hope this helps.

1. Download the zip file
2. Unpack zip into your [gamefolder]\data directory
3. Enjoy!

This will clean your save game to ensure it wont suffer any bloating before the reinstall (this should be done for any companion mod)

1. Load old version of Lucy West Companion and remove all items you want to keep from Lucy.
2. Fire Lucy and save the game.
3. Exit fallout 3 and uninstall LucyWestCompanion as per instructions below.
4. Start fallout 3 without any version of LucyWestCompanion and load your previously saved game.
5. Resave the game immediately. Exit fallout 3.
6. Download new version of Lucy West Companion and follow install instructions above.
7. Start fallout 3, reload your save and hire Lucy.
8. Profit!

1. Delete LucyWestCompanion.esp
2. Delete all files in [gamefolder]\data\sound\voice\LucyWestCompanion.esp
3. Delete all files in [gamefolder]\data\meshes\LucyWestCompanion
4. Delete all files in [gamefolder]\data\textures\LucyWestCompanion
5. Wonder why you just uninstalled a great mod :P

Change Log
- Release
- Changed sandbox hello greeting
- Condensed dialogue options down (merged combat & distance into the one menu)
- Lucy now gives ownership of her house to you while hired (fire her and lose the house)
- Made conditions of initial hiring dialog appearing less restrictive to help prevent other mods stopping it appear
- Added two unique weapons (Venom Spitter MKI & Vemon Spitter MKII)
- Removed dependancy on Star Paladin Cross laser pistol
- Improved home sandbox AI (added eat, drink & nap times)
- Option to heal crippled limbs outside of combat once a day
- Added questline to unlock features
- Fixed dialogue end option to something more appropriate
- Added Shrapnel as option to upgrade unlimited ammo weapon
- Heal outside of combat now uses stimpaks from the player
- Moved heal outside of combat option and weapon upgrade to questline
- Added cooking services to questline
- Added two more greetings while a companion
- Fixed questline not closing bug
- Changed cooked foods to be based off player level and added 4 more options
- Reverted face to vanilla by deleting face entries
- Added message boxes to quest unlockables explaining what you've unlocked
- Made green elements on unlimited weapons a more paler green
- More dynamic dialog options (eg. removed "switch to melee" when you already have melee selected)
- Fixed Lucy's drinking problem when resting at home
- Changed speech check to a once only check
- Added "Lady Killer" and "Black Widow" perks as recruitment options
- Lucy will no longer scream "HELP ME!" when entering combat while recruited
- Lucy can now reach level 30 for those with Broken Steel DLC

Bethesda for Fallout3.
The Nifskope team.
Fallout3Nexus for being such a great resource.
Zeruel241 for Project Beauty Compatability instructions.

You are free to modify this companion mod for your own personal use.
You must contact me to obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod or including it in any project.
You are not to upload this mod on any other site without my permission.