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this mod adds the FN FAL and the unique L1A1 to Fallout 3 added compatibility for Master Ammo Plugin. installation instructions have changed, so be sure to read them. left previous version up just incase

Permissions and credits

this mod adds the FN FAL and the unique L1A1 to Fallout 3


model: Pete

texture: Millenia(FN FAL), Pete(L1A1)

Fallout 3 compile and plugin:



in order to install the files correctly, you must drag and drop them into place.
drag and drop fnfal.esp into your /DATA/ folder.
drag and drop the folder /meshes/ into your data folder
choose HighRes or LowRes, and open the corresponding folder. drag and drop the /textures/ folder into your /DATA/ folder.

in order for this mod to work, you must run MPammo.esp with it.

can be found on vendors and equipped on talon/regulators


"player.additem 00f1ffec 1" (FN FAL)
"player.additem 00e1ffec 1" (L1A1) [can be purchased off of tulip]
"00f29360" for the 7.62 nato

*change log from V4*

V5.1: changed damage and fire rate of the FAL. fires a bit faster now

added compatibility for my Master Ammo Plugin

still to do: add a Trilux scope to the L1A1
find a way to fix the lame way the game calculates and displays auto fire weapon damage


the works contained within "FnfalV5.rar" are free to use with Fallout 3. permission is

hereby granted to anyone who wishes to include these works in conjunction with a "pack"
under the terms of:

A. any and all contributing author of each work to be used are credited to their

contributions and displayed in plain view within the description of the release and the

Readme.txt accompanying the release.

B. the artistic works used from "FnFalV5.rar" remain intact and as they came originally.
NO reskins/recolors/mesh edits will be permitted for public download without prior confermation from the original artist. PERIOD

specific edits may be discussed with original authors and would have to meet their


C. the works contained within "FnfalV5.rar are never to be used for profit.

at any time at the discretion of the authors of the works contained in "FnfalV5.rar" these

permissions may be revoked

wanna know whats next? wanna leave feedback about the playability of my weapon mods?
be sure to check my journal =)