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Meant to be used in conjunction with my mod Cybernetic Dawn.

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Inspired by Cranium's Cybernetics, Meant more as an extra than anything and to be used with my mod adds a crate right outside the vault 101 exit with various Cyberware inside. Cyberware is self repairing but needs energy to do so, so it can be repaired with fission batteries, electron charge packs, micro fussion cells and small power packs.

Cybernetic Optics:
Cyber optics when equipped can choose between normal vision and "enhanced vision" there are two modes normal and nightvision they work well as hotkeys. They add one perception and increases life detection range when equipped. They use body addon slot 1 so they can be used with helmets and shades.

Your hard cold chassis offers great protection but your systems are easily corrupted by Electro-Magnetic Radiation.
It adds 20 armor resistance, increases endurance +1 and strength +1, -10 action points, radtion resistance is decreased by 50, you can now breath underwater. It takes up bodyaddon slot 2

You can only have one system boost equipped at a time. Works well hotkeyed.

Warmachine system Boost:
At the cost of overcharging your nuclear fission core you become a battle tank and can walk into a hail of bullets while casually picking off your targets.
It gives 50 damage resistance at the cost of -4 agility, significant player speed reduction and constant 10 rads.

Speed Surge system Boost
At the cost of overcharging your nuclear fission core you gain the speed to chase down your enemies and expedite termination.
It increases action points by 25 and your movement speed significantly also exposes you to a constant 10 rads