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Ouch! While wandering the wastes, you trip over something. Angrily rubbing your stubbed toe, you bend down to examine the object that so rudely injured your toe. A package. Curious.

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An Evening With Mr. Manchester

IMPORTANT: Make sure you are running the latest 1.7 Fallout 3 Patch. You can check your version by going to Esc->Settings->Display while in the game. It should display your version in the lower left of the screen. If it does not display try to reinstall the patch.

GETTING RED BOXES/MISSING TEXTURES? You may wish to use the ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated tool http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=944 to enable new textures if you have not used mods before.

GETTING CTD-on-save issues? You'll probably find a cure with the masterupdate mode of the excellent FO3edit program, designed to fix CTD-on-save errors (and mitigate conflicts between mods).

1.81 is now ready.

The hint/walkthrough site is online and ready for your perusal:


Ouch! While wandering the wastes, you trip over something. Angrily rubbing your stubbed toe, you bend down to
examine the object that so rudely injured your toe.

A package. Curious.

This mod expands upon and alludes to events that transpired during A Note Easily Missed. If you
have not journeyed through that mod I humbly suggest that you do so (though it is by no means necessary) before
delving into the adventures presented by An Evening With Mr. Manchester.

++ Installation ++
Extract all files in the zipped folder into your Fallout 3\Data folder. The name of the .esp associated with this mod is 'HeirApparent.esp' - make sure to place a check mark in that when launching Fallout 3 to activate the mod.

++Mod Information++

An Evening With Mr. Manchester leads the player on an adventure through the use of various notes, hints, and puzzles. If you do not care for reading notes, taking terminal quizzes, solving puzzles, or exploring for the sake of exploring then it is doubtful that this mod will appeal to you. Combat is kept to a minimum. That said, there are a few locations that may test your trigger finger as well as your brain.

I do not use companions and thus have not tested companions in the new area. To avoid possible pathing issues it is recommended that you leave them at home during your time in Mr. Manchester's estate.

++ New Features ++
  • Three new interior adventuring areas
  • New challenges include assembling information to activate a power grid, solving a painting-based puzzle, and
    deciphering the autobiography of an accordian repairman for clues.
  • Many new textures & posters
  • Several new craftable items via new schematics. These new items will not interfere with existing mods that change
    schematics due to a unique construction revealed over the course of this mod.
  • New weapon (retexture + new stats + new sounds + new effects)
  • Adventure that takes the player to several different areas
  • Dozens of new notes, including new voice acting, songs, images, and text.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope you enjoy my adventure.


Included with this mod is a separate .esp - 'FasterMorePowerfulMines.esp'. This .esp is not required but is highly recommended. It alters the existing mines in the game more to my ideal of what mines should be; fast & deadly. I've always enjoyed debilitating and eliminating opponents with a strategically placed mine. Mines explode with less than a second of warning, are more damaging, and are lighter than ever before (Mr. Manchester details some of the exciting research leading to these developments over the course of the mod.) Note that these altered mines also affect mines placed by enemies, so tread lightly.

New MTS-400 Paint Jobs
Within the optional folder of this mod's zip file you'll find an optional folder. Within that folder is a 'MTS-400 Paint Jobs' folder. There are several optional paint jobs that you can apply to your MTS-400. Installation requires simply copying the PM2sentry.dds from the folder of your choice into your Data/Textures/PM2 folder. Make sure to overwrite the existing file. Making sure Fallout 3 is not running when you do this.

If you enjoyed A Note Easily Missed, I suggest you try the other mods in this series. An Evening With Mister Manchester is second in this series. In order:



I would like to thank the FalloutNexus forum community for helping me with several issues over the the course of this
mod's construction.

I would also like to thank Spurf_Impact; his excellent Mine Pack http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1937 served as a soruce of inspiration over the course of this mod's creation.

Mr. Manchester extends a sincere, appreciative handshake to JCornelius as well; his tenacity and commitment to resolving crash issues was most appreciated. Keep an eye open for a special poster honoring his contributions during your travels in Mr. Manchester's domain.

A heartfelt thanks to Kantata for inspiration, testing, and interesting and well-written note contributions. Several issues would have been overlooked if not for these efforts. Mr. Manchester salutes you!

Thanks also go to weijiesen for permission to use some of his assets from the excellent EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanched. If you have any interest in energy weapons I highly recommended his mod; it makes energy combat much more exciting and varied.

A tip of the glass to RegentEagle as well, for his excellent wine rack resource.

Thanks to an unknown modder for the new weapon in v1.70. I found it in a large weapon pack and now I can't seem to determine who originally released it as a modder's resource. A hearty handshake to the mystery man or woman!

I'd like to thank Pelinor for his talented work on More Scope Reticles. One of his reticles is now at home in the new Tiger weapon from Manchester.1.70

---- CHANGE LOG -----

v 1.81
  • fix to the new scrap-related gizmo involving menu display
  • addition of FWE mode to the MTS-400's options menu to restore original damage resistance/combat healing settings for high-damage mod environments
  • several typos fixed in a handful of notes
  • fix to the Malayan's acid damage script
  • new Malayan CDU modules may be fabricated by the MTS-400
  • CDU install menu adjusted slightly for usability

v 1.80
  • new MTS-400 weapon script for quicker target acquisition
  • small side-adventure for a handy new gadget (take a stroll to an important diner from the main Manchester adventure for a hint on the new content)
  • a few graphical tweaks to the estate

v 1.73
  • several script fixes for the new Tiger weapon
  • a few typos fixed

v 1.72
  • new weapon fixes:
  • quick slots redone and functioning properly
  • disarm bug fixed
  • secondary upgrade pecentages standardized at installation
  • robotic upgrades conform to other upgrade standards
  • redundant trigger in one adventure area added
  • new secondary upgrade ability
  • occassionally erroneous upgrade item counts fixed
  • MTS-400 fixes
  • Telelocation Module tweaked & fixed

    v 1.71
  • fixed crash issue related to a message box containing too many characters

v 1.70
  • relocated sniper truck & fishing hut to interior cells to improve performance
  • graphical cleanup around the estate
  • new MTS-400 secondary upgrade
  • two bugs related to the MTS-400 fixed
  • new side adventure featuring the new Tiger Weapon
  • new weapon has its own lengthy upgrade path
  • 14 new notes/terminal entries to find
  • new posters
  • two new interior areas related to the side adventure
  • new room in Sal's Sound Shack (hint, hint)

Archived change log entries available here (bottom entry on the list).