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Stops bullet rise at ranges 30m+. Disables the aim bot.

Permissions and credits
Auto Aim Fix v1.1

Minimum Requirements:
Fallout3 v1.4


- Extract Auto Aim Fix.esp to Fallout3\Data
- Activate via launcher or FOMM
- Make sure my mod loads last (at the bottom)!


Updated: 18/04/2009
-Fixed a no miss bug while in VATS, kudos to JediZero for spotting this

This mod does two things:

1) Stops bullets rising when you shoot further than 30meters
2) Disables* the aim bot (auto aim)


- fAutoAimMaxDistance:increased to 50,000 (700 meters), stops bullet rise
- fAutoAimScreenPercentage: set to -180, disables aimbot

All testing was conducted with a sniper rifle, 0 spread and all fgunspread settings = 0

This made the gun perfectly accurate for testing. This mod allows you to do the following:

- Shoot peoples heads or whatever at extreme ranges 150+ meters (extreme for fallout anyway)
- Shoot someones arm while their torso is concealed behind a wall (no aimbot)
- Shoot peoples feet/legs while their torso is behind a wall
- Stops your bullets rising up/down/to the side to hit someones torso
- Your bullets will no longer track enemy movement

My mod works while the others fail because:

1) setting fAutoAimMaxDistance to 0 makes your bullets go crazy (try setting maxDegrees to 30!)
2) setting screenPercentage to 0 does not disable the auto aim

Sorry to sound so smug :P

- As you may have noticed, FO3 aiming is weird...
- If you try to shoot a gun just over the tip of a rock you will normally hit the rock even if you were aiming over it
- This is because the bullet normally starts below the gun barrel
- Obviously this results in the crosshair and actual bullet path not lining up properly
- To combat this Bethesda introduced "bullet rise"
- This is all very well at short range but when you go above 30 meters this bullet rise completely ruins aiming
- I couldn't understand why my 0 spread weapon kept missing at long range
- Then I set the bullet speed very low, low enough that I could literally walk along side it in motion
- I tested it against a sign with a script attached to accurately measure distance
- This allows you to clearly see the effects of bullet rise

- Not only that but Bethesda added an aim bot which cannot be disabled (presumably for the console)
- Your bullets will always try to track the nearest enemy torso
- This means that if an enemy had their arm exposed but their torso was behind a wall and you tried to shoot the arm you would always miss at long range 100% guaranteed.
- This mod removes that auto aim so you can actually target the other body parts

Updated: 18/04/2009
- Fixed a no miss bug while in VATS by changing the value: fAutoAimMaxDegreesMiss to 3
- The geck says: "The value of this setting has an unknown effect on gameplay"
- I originally changed it to 0 because if you set it very high to say 30 for testing and try to
shoot someone outside of VATS then you can never hit them. If set to 0 it seems you cannot miss
while in VATS. However setting it to 3 in combination with fAutoAimScreenPercentage -180 it
"seems" to work (needs more testing)


- Unfortunately the side effect of disabling the auto aim is that it makes my Range Finder mod
useless because that depended on auto aim. Doh!
- Sorry guys if you liked that mod
- Though at least it is proof that the auto aim has indeed been worked around

Misc Stuff

- Author: rlilewis ([email protected])

P.S Someone make an illuminated scope crosshair!