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Update - v1.14 - 04/12/2009
Changes in v1.14:
-Anomalies removed to improve compatibility
-Scripts truncation to improve performance

It is recommended that anyone using a previous version should update.

It all starts when you find the journal of Steven Cortez, amongst the belongings on his burning corpse in Greyditch...


Thursday, the 4th.
I really envy those caravan merchants. They get to see so many things and make tons of caps! I saw this brahmin calf yesterday, the owner said she would be for sale when she was old enough. I can't believe I am actually thinking about buying her.

Monday, the 15th.
I had to sell most of what I owned, but I finally saved enough to buy that young brahmin I had been eying. She's still small, but she'll grow in no time. By the look of her parents, she has the potential to be huge! I'm going to go pick her up on Wednesday, I'm starting to get excited! I can't believe it, I am going to be a caravan merchant!

Thursday, the 18th
I brought home the brahmin yesterday, boy is she feisty! I Named her Bess, oddly enough, the name came to me like a call from the past... She seems to love nothing more than to eat, I swear that bovine can put away anything and everything, given the chance. I'll keep feeding her heavy for the time being, I need to get her built up so she will be ready to carry everything and travel

Monday, the 6th
Bess sure has grown! Sometimes, when she eats, I swear I can see her growing before my eyes! The more I feed her, the more she seems to be able to eat at a time, she's going to be massive! I've noticed that different foods seem to effect her in different ways, if I can figure out the best foods to feed her, I can really cut down on costs and feeding time.

Saturday, the 11th
I went out and bought all the gear today, it sure is a lot of stuff! I plan to be the first seller of all goods and services. Weapons, armor, chems, junk, you name it!
I'm going to need all the storage and organization I can get! Offering a full array of goods and services, instead of specializing in one, will be a large task. I hope I am ready for the challenge...

Wednesday, the 15th
I talked to Roe about joining his little clan of merchants, he laughed in my face! He said I needed to wait until Bess was older, I think she is ready now! He said I needed to hire protection, I wouldn't trust one of those mercs with a butter knife, much less an assault rifle. He said I had no idea what I was trying to get into... He just doesn't want to share any of the caps out there with anyone else! I'll show him and his little caravan troupe who can handle the wasteland!

Friday, the 24th
Tomorrow is the day! I am taking Bess out on our first run, just to test the waters. I refuse to hire one of those mercs, I talked to one for hire named Wright in Canterbury Commons and his asking price was insulting! With no hired help, my first trip will be a safe and easy one. Just to be safe, I'm including that Vault-Tec First-Aid Kit I bought last year in Bess' pack. I won't be going far the first time, I will be taking her to this small hobble called Greyditch. There's not much there, so I don't expect the trip to be very eventful. I may not sell many wares on this trip, but this is more for Bess than it is for me, so she can get used to carrying the pack and merchandise. I hope everything goes well.


This Mod adds Bess, a Pack Brahmin follower and Wright, a Merc who will escort her... for a price.
The goal of this mod is to seamlessly merge into the standard game and add to the experience.
For those who don't know, Bess was a special follower in Fallout 2, who makes a come back once again here!

Are you sick of never having enough room for your items?
Do you get tired of running back and forth to your house to stash junk?
Do you wish you had a way to organize all your items in one place?
Do you want your storage to follow you where you go instead of the other way around?
Do you ever wish you could have a caravan of your own?

This mod is for you!

Bess and her Many containers
Separate storage for all of your goods!
Under a strong lock, the holder of the key is the only one who's getting access.
The more you feed Bess, the bigger she will get and the more she will be able to carry!


Bess' Feed bag
Drop as many food items in as you can and Bess will feed on the food over time, gaining bonus after bonus.
The more you feed Bess, the larger her Feed Bag will become!
Feeding Bess different foods give different Bonus'. so experiment for maximum stats!

Vault-Tec First-Aid Kit
Included in Bess' Pack in this top of the line First-Aid Kit.
Using your healing chems here can greatly increase their effectiveness.
Your Medicine skill shines here, so having a high Medicine skill really amplifies the use of this kit.

Wright the Merc
Hire Wright to protect Bess and your goods.
He comes equipped with a modified Hunting Rifle and Leather Armor, but will accept other light arms.
Wright will guard Bess and keep her away from danger as best he can, his main concern is Bess and your items, nothing else.
Wright will stay with Bess or take her back to safty if things get to dangerous.
Wright will lead Bess to you when you fast travel.
Wright will not leave Bess, but will leave your party if she dies.

Travel with Bess
Bess is not a pet, she is a large pack animal.
She is a slow moving beast, she will get left behind during Fast Travel.
Wright will tend to her and lead her to you, so get him as soon as possible!
She will stay in the open wastes while you go about your business elsewhere.
Don't expect Bess to run around your house, lumber around inside Rivet City, or follow you through the metro into DC.

-Full story, quest, and voice acting in all dialog!
-Own several mobile containers to store your loot.
-Get the most out of healing with the Vault-Tec First-Aid Kit!
-Feed Bess to increase her stats and size, the more you feed her, the bigger/faster/stronger she gets!
-Hire Wright, a merc in Canterbury Commons to escort her!
-Much, much more!


A special nod towards the other Modders who attempted their own versions of Bess.

Thanks to everyone for trying this mod and for trying my Dogmeat Mod as well!