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Improves the female empty-handed running animation. (BETA Version)

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Improved Female Empty-Handed Running BETA
Author: Jahandar
Date: March 25, 2009
Version: v0.1


This is a beta version, it focuses primarily on the arms for the female empty-handed running animation. The vanilla animations have females running with their elbows sticking out like chicken wings, that has been corrected. Future versions will look closer at the posture and shoulder swaying.

Video showing the new animation (and the pistol animations in development) :

In case the embedded video does not work, it can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpopPIN-frA


This is a beta, so its not perfect. Running and shooting with pistols is going to look bad. Well, it looks bad anyway, but this will just call more attention to it. I am working on replacement pistol animations (as shown in the video), but they are not quite ready yet. Until that time, I would hold off if you mostly use pistols.

That said, those who primarily use weapons other than 1-handed guns should have no problems. In fact, I've been using it for a month now, whenever I play.


Before the pistol animations are ready, I need to resolve a specific problem. After firing, there is a brief instant where the player will fall back to the idle animation before resuming the aim stance. This results in jerking "twitch" motion, which eliminates the point of trying to improve animations.

If anyone has any knowledge about this problem or thinks they can help, feel free to contact me.


Some testers have reported a delay after each cycle in the animation loop. I had a problem of this sort while working on it, but it had appeared to be resolved (you'll notice in the video that it isn't happening for me). Anyway, I am aware of the problem and will try to resolve it as soon as I can.


If you want to get ahold of me, you can either post in the comments or PM me via my Nexus account.

I can also usually be found in the #fallout channel on the Freenode network, or #fallout3modding on Quakenet.

You can also visit the WIP thread at:


The file can be used as a FOMOD package in FOMM, just change the .zip extension to .fomod and put it in your FOMM mods folder or just import it into FOMMs package manager using the "Add New" button.

Alternatively, you can extract the meshes folder into your Data folder.

The fomod folder just contains preloaded information about the mod should you choose to install it as a FOMOD package in FOMM. If you're manually extracting the files, you can ignore it.

Personally though, I turn each and every mod I download into a fomod, and never put files into my data directory myself. This goes a long way towards keeping things organized and transparent, and avoiding conflicts.


This has been tested and confirmed to work with both BABE and Dimon's Type 3 body meshes, as well as Backsteppo's idle animation that was released earlier this week, and the PCIdles mod.

The only thing that would cause a conflict is another mod that alters the female empty-handed running animation. To my knowledge, no other mod of this sort exists.


I would recommend using this mod in conjunction with one of the mods that move the 3rd person camera behind the character, as shown in the video above. I recommend this just as a preference and because it I think it will give a better 3rd person experience, it is not required.