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adds a firemans axe (clean and dirty versions) and a hatchet

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neunens Axes ver2b

2b update: now the axes are added through scripts
this should remove conflicts with other mods
you should also see more raiders carrying them now
(i hope) and ive made a few small updates to the textures

NOTE: the file name has changed from "Neunens fireaxe"
to "neunens axes". would advise to delete or at least
uncheck any previous version.

adds a firemans axe (clean and dirty versions) and a hatchet to the game.

in game
the clean versions of the axe can be bought from Moira and Flak,(and now Bannon)
and can be found inside the Firehose boxes throughout the game
(now in varying condition). The dirty axes can be found on certain raiders.
the hatchet can be purchased from Moira, Flak and Bannon and can also be found on
certain raiders. both versions of the axe can repair one another.

1. extract the contents of the .zip file to your fallout3\data\ folder
2. check off the mod in FOMM.
- you should be using FOMM and Archieinvalidationinvalidated!

issues or bugs
update: the axes are now added to vendors and leveled lists through scripts
this should prevent from interfering with any other mods that add weapons
to vendors or leveled lists
if there are any problems, let me know and ill try my best to fix them

thanks to the Nifskope team, Bethesda, Fallout3Nexus.com
thanks to everyone for feedback and suggestions.
and a big thanks to Cipscis for his help with scripting!

anyone is free to use any of my mods in any way they would like to.
credit would be nice, but its your karma, do with it what you like.

tools used
blender, gimp, nifskope, photoshop, g.e.c.k.